20 Best Dragon Cartoons Shows You Must Watch

Dragon Cartoons
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Hey Readers, Welcome to a world where dragons come to life on your screens and take you on exhilarating adventures! In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of Dragon Cartoons, bringing you a curated list of the 20 Best Dragon Cartoons Shows you must watch. These animated series are packed with fire-breathing action, mythical creatures, and tales that capture the imagination of both young and old alike.

Get ready to soar through magical lands, uncover secrets, and witness the epic tales of dragons as they captivate audiences across the globe. Alright, Let’s embark on this animated journey filled with wonder and excitement as we explore the fantastic world of Dragon Cartoons! 

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20 Best Dragon Cartoons Shows You Must Watch

1- The Dragon Prince 

The Dragon Prince” follows the journey of young heroes striving to restore peace in their divided land. With magic, friendship, and courage, they aim to unite humanity and magical beings, facing challenges that test their resolve. The gripping storyline, vibrant animation, and compelling characters make this Dragon Cartoon a must-watch for those seeking epic adventures in a richly imagined fantasy world. Get ready to be enthralled by this magical quest!

2- DreamWorks Dragons

DreamWorks Dragons” ventures into a realm where humans and dragons forge unique bonds. As Hiccup and Toothless lead the way, friendship and understanding between species take center stage. Adventure awaits as they navigate challenges, promoting cooperation and harmony. This Dragon Cartoon showcases the beauty of unity and highlights the thrilling escapades of dragons and their human companions, offering a captivating blend of excitement and life lessons.

3- American Dragon: Jake Long

American Dragon: Jake Long” takes viewers on a high-flying journey through the life of a modern-day teenage dragon. Jake Long, a regular New York City kid, also happens to be a magical dragon tasked with protecting the city from mythical threats. With action-packed episodes, humor, and relatable teenage experiences, this Dragon Cartoon delivers a fun-filled ride. Join Jake as he balances school, friends, and his dragon duties in a fast-paced, animated adventure.

4- Dragon Tales

Dragon Tales” is about two siblings, Emmy and Max, who have fun adventures with friendly dragons in Dragon Land. They learn important lessons and solve problems together, showing the power of teamwork and friendship. This cartoon is full of bright colors and exciting characters, teaching kids about creativity and the joy of being with friends. It’s a playful and educational show that makes learning fun!

5- Dragon Booster

Dragon Booster” is about a young hero named Artha who rides a dragon named Beau. They race and battle together, showing how teamwork and courage can make them champions. It’s a really exciting cartoon about friendship and winning races with dragons!

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6- Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair” is like a story you can play. You help a knight, Dirk, rescue a princess from a dragon’s home. You decide what happens next in the adventure, making it exciting! It’s a fun cartoon where you choose the path and try to save the princess from the dragon.

7- Dragon Drive 

Dragon Drive” is a cartoon about a boy named Reiji who summons dragons to have exciting battles. He teams up with his dragon friend, Chibi, to fight in cool contests. It’s a fun show about friendship, finding your strength, and having awesome dragon battles in a make-believe world.

8- Dragon Crisis 

Dragon Crisis” is a cartoon where a boy named Ryūji and a girl named Rose find special creatures that are like dragons. They have adventures to keep these creatures safe and learn about magic. It’s a cool show about friendship and exciting discoveries!

9- Dragonaut: The Resonance 

Dragonaut: The Resonance” is a cartoon about people who ride dragons in space. They go on adventures and face challenges. It’s a show with action, heroes, and cool space dragons. Get ready for a fun ride!

10- Dragon Half 

Dragon Half” is a funny show about a girl named Mink. She’s part human and part dragon and really likes a dragon slayer. It’s full of jokes and silly adventures. If you like laughing and fantasy, you’ll like this show!

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11- Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” is a fun cartoon about a lady named Kobayashi and her dragon friend Tohru. Tohru becomes a maid and helps Kobayashi. It’s a happy and funny show about their adventures together. Enjoy the smiles and magic!

12- Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Dota: Dragon’s Blood” is a cool show based on a video game called Dota 2. It’s about a knight named Davion and dragons. They have big battles and magic. It’s a really exciting cartoon for people who like action and fantasy!

13- Dragon Collection 

Dragon Collection” is an exciting cartoon about collecting magical dragon cards. The hero, Hajime, goes on adventures to find these special cards with powerful dragons. It’s a cool show full of battles and discovery. Join Hajime and have a blast collecting dragons!

14- Dragons: Rescue Riders 

Dragons: Rescue Riders” is a cool cartoon about friends who help dragons and people. They go on adventures to save their island. It’s all about teamwork and having fun with dragons!

15- Skylanders Academy 

Skylanders Academy” is a fun cartoon about a group of heroes called Skylanders. They protect the world using magical creatures and exciting gadgets. It’s a cool show full of action and adventures. Join the Skylanders and save the day!

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16- Dragons: The Nine Realms 

Dragons: The Nine Realms” is an awesome cartoon about dragons in different worlds. They go on adventures and have fun with friends. It’s a cool show full of excitement and exploring new places with dragons!

17- Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes Of The Sky


Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes Of The Sky” is a super fun cartoon about heroes who save the day with dragons. They go on cool adventures, fly in the sky, and help everyone. It’s an exciting show about teamwork and bravery with dragons!

18- Pocket Dragon Adventures 

Pocket Dragon Adventures” is a cute and funny cartoon about little dragons having big adventures. They live in a magical world and go on fun quests together. It’s a show that brings smiles and laughter, perfect for those who love adorable dragons and exciting escapades!

19- Jane And The Dragon 

Jane and the Dragon” is a charming cartoon about a girl named Jane who wants to be a knight. She has a dragon friend and together they have cool adventures. It’s a fun show about friendship, dreams, and medieval adventures!

20- Digby Dragon

Digby Dragon” is a delightful cartoon about a young dragon named Digby. He lives in a magical world with his friends and has exciting adventures. It’s a cheerful show that brings laughter and showcases the joys of friendship and exploration in a dragon-filled land!

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