10 Best Father’s Day Songs You Must Listen To

Best Father's Day Songs
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No words or feelings can express the love a son or a daughter has for their Father and vice-versa. So, today we are here with top picks for the best Father’s Day songs that you can dedicate to your father. This unbreakable bond will always be cherished and always be held inside the heart and in between their father and their child

Father is the person who keeps the house running and brings food for their families. So, huge respect for each and every father out there. Who try to fulfill their responsibilities in all kinds of hardships and keep everyone happy. Every kid looks to their father for guidance and finds motivation in them.

But on Father’s Day, we suppose you should give them something more valuable than just some words written on cards or some gifts. As, where words fail, music prevails. So, we went through many songs, and here are our top 10 picks for best Father’s Day songs that you must listen to with your father’s to let a new flow of emotion and feelings stir up in the air.

10 Best Father’s Day Songs You Must Listen To

10. “Father to Son,” Queen, 1974

Queen - Father to Son - Queen II - Lyrics (1974) HQ

The legendary band will always be known for their songs and for their incomparable talents. This song is one of them. With many amazing riffs and excellent vocals by Freddie Mercury, this song emphasizes how our father’s teaching helps us and is always important.

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9. “Isn’t she lovely,” Stevie Wonder, 1976

Isn't She Lovely

One of the most beautiful songs ever presented to their child. This song exhibits all the excitement, joy, and happiness Stevie felt welcoming his daughter Aisha.

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8. “Daddy Come and Get Me,” Dolly Parton, 1970

Dolly Parton ~ Daddy Come And Get Me

This song is a classic by Dolly as she wrote this song when her heart was broken. Expressing that there is no one like her Daddy who loved her without any conditions and was always true and with her. One of the Best Father’s Day Songs You Must Listen To.

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7. “Dance with my father,” Luther Vandross, 2003

Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father

This song is special by Luther as he tells how his father used to dance with his mother when he was young and how much he misses those good old days.

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6. “Daughters,” John Mayer, 2003

John Mayer - Daughters (Live at the Nokia Theatre)

It is a famous song that helped John gain a grammy in 2004. The song shows how much a father can impact their daughters and how they look up to them. One of the Best Father’s Day Songs You Must Listen To.

5. “Song For Dad,” Keith Urban, 2002

Song For Dad

This song is actually really funny as it points out all the things our father used to say and we used to deny it but at some point, we get to know that all the time he was right and the person standing in the mirror is foreshadowing what his father used to say when he/she was young.

4. “Father and Daughter,” Paul Simon, 2002

Paul Simon - Father And Daughter (Official Video)

Paul wrote this song for his daughter Lulu and craves how much he wants to see growing up his daughter and help her in all the ways possible as a father. Cause he wanna help her shine and grow. It is so beautiful that how much a father tends to do anything for their child.

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3. “Father and Son,” Cat Stevens, 1970

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Father & Son

This song is very beautiful. It is a song with many pieces of advice a father gives to their child. So, it is a perfect treat for Father’s Day. Also, the song holds much meaning in itself. It is up to how a person listening depicts. One of the Best Father’s Day Songs You Must Listen To.

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2. “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy),” John Lennon, 1981

BEAUTIFUL BOY (DARLING BOY). (Ultimate Mix, 2020) - John Lennon (official music video HD)

John Lennon wrote this song for his son Sean. This song beautifully depicts the love between a son and their father. The Beatles fame wrote the song in a very perfect manner explaining his son about things and also, you will see how pure the love is of a father.

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1. “My Father’s Eye,” Eric Clapton, 1998

Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes (Official Music Video) | Warner Vault

This song is a classic in which Eric shows how much he missed his father when he was growing up, and how much he wished to be with his father when he was growing up. It beautifully portrays how a child looks up to his/her father.

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