15 Best Talented Houston Rappers Of All Time

Houston Rappers
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Hello! Musical freaks. Don’t you feel that Texas is a wonderful place to be at? It sure is. You will find that Houston is the most terrific city in texas. This place has its vibe, apart from this, Houston rappers make their city stand out among the other cities. Alright, so today we will talk about the 15 Best ever Houston rappers of all time that might leave you in awe. 

To begin with, what are some good qualities of being a rapper? They should possess great command over delivery, flow, and clarity. These three elements could either make your rap excellent if missing then can make your rap song, not at all relatable to the audience. However, reading below you will find that these Houston rappers have all the qualities of being talented rappers around the globe. For instance, Travis Scott has a gigantic fanbase. Then scarface is also a big name in this rap world. 

Hence, quickly we will look at the list of 15 talented Houston rappers that we must know about. Let’s begin. 

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1- Travis Scott

Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

Travis Scott’s musical style makes him stand out among the crowd. Precisely I am talking about  Elements like hip hop, southern hip hop, trap, psychedelic trap, and pop rap, these are the different music styles that he uses. And he is undoubtedly best at all of it. Furthermore, speaking of his net worth, it’s around $65 million. He follows a lifestyle that has an elegant way of living and is pretty expensive. So all his hard-earned money goes into maintaining that lifestyle. 

2- Paul Wall

Oh Girl - Paul Wall

Now, let’s talk about Paul Wall. If you ever have heard his rap song you will find that you gotta have a good command of local slang comprising slabs, Swangas, candy paint, and tippin’. One of the best talented Houston Rappers of all time.

In addition to this paul has collaborated with many other successful rappers and singers as well. He has a net worth of $4 million, nevertheless, in terms of popularity, he is still at the best. 

3- Trae The Truth

Trae tha Truth - I'm On 3.0 (Official Video) (feat. T.I., Dave East, Tee Grizz...

Trae The Truth has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand. His real name is Frazier Othel Thompson. You all must know him as he is a very popular personality in the music industry and widely known for his versatility in his rapping style.

Till yet he has released various albums and of course, has received a wonderful response from the audience. At present, he is working with the record label Grand Hustle Records. 

4- Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion - Body [Official Video]

I always find female rappers very sexy, I don’t know why but nowadays people desire to have more female rappers in the music world. Firstly, Megan Thee Stallion is the bold lady, the badass! 

Her net worth is $8 million. In addition to this, she is 3 time Grammy Award winner. Her raping style is very straightforward. Like it’s hard to digest the truth that she speaks out through her music. 

5- Slim Thug

Slim Thug "I Run"

There is very little info available about him on the internet. However, Slim Thug is a rapper who began his career in the late 90s. He has released an amazing piece of albums yet. Out of which one of his albums was ranked #2 on the U.S. Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

Talking about his net worth, it’s $2 million. The thug in his name comes from the assumption of people about him. That’s quite a brave thing to do, what people perceive of you, you making it your identity. One of the best talented Houston Rappers of all time.

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6- Scarface

Scarface - I Seen A Man Die (Official Video) [Explicit]

Bradley Terrence Jordan better known by his stage name Scarface is an American rapper and record producer best known as a member of the Geto Boys, a hip-hop group from Houston, Texas.

However, He grew up in Houston and is originally from the city’s South Acres (Crestmont Park) neighborhood. In 2012, The Source ranked him #16 on their list of the Top 50 Lyricists of All Time. The best Hits of the Rapper include, 

  • Mind playing tricks on me
  • Smile
  • Damn it feels good to be a gangsta
  • I have seen a man die 
  • Guess who’s back

7- Don Toliver

Don Toliver - No Idea [Official Music Video]

Don Toliver has a net worth of $4 million. His rapping style includes Hip Hop trap and R$B. he is a wonderful rapper, singer, and songwriter. The list of his best musical hits includes, 

  • No Idea.
  • Too Many Nights.
  • Used. 
  • Around Me.
  • Flocky Flocky. 

Of course, he is a recipient of many accolades and preparing to come up with great albums In the upcoming years. One of the best talented Houston Rappers of all time.

8- T-Wayne

T-Wayne - Nasty Freestyle (Official Music Video)

T-Wayne, a Houston rapper has a net worth of $4 million. The real name of this rapper is Tyshon Dwayne Nobles. His rapping style consists of Hip Hop only. His musical hits include, 

  • Player
  • Turn down for what 
  • Nasty freestyle

He was just 16 when he started his career as a rap artist, it was the year 2006. He was fortunate enough that he got success early in this field and garnered huge popularity for him. 

9- Devin The Dude

Devin The Dude - Lacville '79 (Explicit Lyrics)

Devin The Dude’s estimated net worth is $3 million. His actual name is Devin Copeland. He is 52 years old and has devoted half of his life to the rap world. His raping style comprises genres namely, Hip hop, Southern hip hop, Rhythm and blues, Funk, Alternative hip hop, etc. The list of his musical hits comprises, what a job, fuck you, Doobie Ashtray, Anythang, etc. 

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10- Baby Bash

Baby Bash ft. Frankie J - Suga Suga (Official Video)

Baby Bash has collaborated with a plethora of other successful music artists in this musical world. “Savage Dreams”, was the first music album that helped him exceedingly to gain huge fame.

He was raised by his grandmother and got exposed to various genres of music through his maternal uncles. Later on, as he became popular enough in the rap world hence, he continued rapping. Apart from this, he had an interest in basketball as well. However, many of his albums are in queue to be released soon. 

11- Bun B

Bun B - You're Everything (Feat. Rick Ross, David Banner, 8Ball & MJG) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Bun B estimated net worth is $4 million. The list of his musical hits includes Diamonds and wood, you are everything, let me see it, gravy, one day, etc. his full name is Bernard James Freeman. Till yet he has released 5 of his solo albums, and many are in queue to be released soon. His raping style is unique and appreciated by almost every listener. 

12- Pimp C

Pimp C - Pourin' Up (Feat. Mike Jones & Bun B)

Pimp C has an estimated net worth of $3.4 million. Pimp is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. His rapping style includes Hip hop and Southern hip-hop dirty rap. One of the best talented Houston Rappers of all time.

Furthermore, Tragically, in December of 2007, he was found dead in his hotel room in West Hollywood from an accidental overdose of promethazine and codeine. Apart from this he also has been found involved in some big controversies. 

13- Chamillionaire

Chamillionaire - Ridin' (Official Music Video) ft. Krayzie Bone

The list of his musical hits consists, of hip hop police, turn it up, N luv wit my money, rockstar, sleep, good morning, etc. he moved to this city only when he turned 4.

He is the recipient of several accolades, won the grammy award, best hip hop award, people’s choice award, etc. talking about his net worth, it’s $50 million. A great rapper and songwriter who has a phenomenal knowledge of hip hop and southern hip hop. 

14- Lil’ Keke

Lil Keke "I'm a G" ft Birdman

Lil’ Keke has a net worth of $1 million. Furthermore, the list of his best musical hits includes, south side, we from Texas, I’m a G, etc. his actual name is Marcus Lakee Edwards. In addition to this, he is an original member of the Houston rap collective Screwed Up Click. However, he started his career as a local rap artist and then worked hard enough to reach this height where now he and his talent is been recognized globally. 

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15- DJ Premier

Nas - "Wave Gods" feat. A$AP Rocky and DJ Premier (Official Video)

The real name of this Houston rapper is Christopher Edward Martin. He has a net worth of $20 million. A list of his best musical hits includes le Pido a DIOS, mass appeal, above the clouds, full clip, Remy rap, etc. undoubtedly, he is one of the most crucial figures in the hip-hop world. Apart from this he also has been working with other vocalists for years. 

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