10 Best Indian Stand-Up Comedy Shows On Netflix 

Indian Comedy On Netflix
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Hey comedy lovers! Welcome back! In this digital age, Indian comedians have found an expansive platform on Netflix, allowing their jokes, stories, and insights to reach audiences far and wide. Netflix has become a go-to platform for entertainment seekers around the world. With its vast library of movies, TV shows, and original content, the popular service has something for everyone. Among the diverse range of genres available, Indian comedy on Netflix has emerged as a favorite among viewers. In this article,  we delve into the world of Indian comedy on Netflix, bringing you the 10 best Indian stand-up comedy shows that will have you laughing out loud. Aren’t you already excited enough? 

So grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to laugh your way through a hilarious journey into the world of Indian comedy.

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List Of Indian Comedy On Netflix: 

1. Kapil Sharma – I’m not done yet

Kapil Sharma

The Netflix special of Kapil Sharma, I’m not done yet is a must-watch. Kapil Sharma is a household name in India. He is admired here for his astounding humor. No doubt, Kapil has dominated the television industry with his wit and charm. His show, “The Kapil Sharma Show,” is one of the most popular Indian comedy shows. In “I’m Not Done Yet,” Kapil Sharma takes his hilarious act to a live audience, sharing his unique observations, relatable anecdotes, and rib-tickling experiences.

Wondering why it’s a must-watch? Here is the answer. Kapil Sharma’s comedic timing, ability to engage the audience, and spontaneous wit make this show an absolute delight. Whether you are a fan of his television appearances or encountering his humour for the first time, “I’m not done yet” is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

2. Yours sincerely, Kanan Gill

Yours sincerely

“The famous Indian comedian and actor, Kanan Gill, has made people laugh a lot with his comedy special, “Yours Sincerely.” In this funny show, Kanan looks at different parts of life, like relationships, how people act around each other, and things that happened to him, in a clever and smart way.

Wondering why it’s a must-watch? Here is the answer. Because of his friendly personality and smart thoughts, Kanan makes people laugh and think all at once.”

3. Vir Das for India

Vir Das for India

Vir Das, known for his razor-sharp wit and captivating storytelling, is a prominent figure in the Indian stand-up comedy circuit. In “For India,” Vir Das combines his signature humour with insightful social commentary, taking the audience on a rollercoaster ride through various aspects of Indian culture, politics, and everyday life. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? 

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Here is the answer. With his friendly personality and clever jokes, Vir Das strikes a great balance between making people laugh and making them think. “For India” offers a special view of Indian society, making the audience burst into laughter and also making them think about important issues. One of the Best Indian Stand-Up Comedy Shows On Netflix.

4. Kenny Sebastian – The most interesting person in the room

Kenny Sebastian

“Kenny Sebastian, a very talented artist, is well-known for turning everyday things into really funny situations. In “The Most Interesting Person in the Room,” Kenny talks about his own life, stuff from pop culture, and his unique habits, all with his funny style and great energy.

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Kenny Sebastian’s perfect sense of when to be funny and his friendly way of being on stage make this show a must-see for comedy fans. His way of telling stories that people can relate to and his unique sense of humour guarantee that people will have a great time and feel like they’re really connecting with each funny story.


5. Amit Tandon – Family Tendencies

Amit Tandon

Amit Tandon’s comedy show, “Family Tendencies,” is a fun look at the funny and strange things that happen in a typical Indian family.

Moving on, Amit tells stories and jokes that show what it’s like in an Indian family, talking about stuff like being a parent, being married, and the differences between generations.

Wondering why you should consider watching it? With his infectious energy and natural storytelling ability, Amit brings to light the humorous side of everyday situations that many individuals can relate to.

6. Aditi Mittal – Things they wouldn’t let me say

Aditi Mittal

Aditi Mittal’s comedy show, “Things They Wouldn’t Let Me Say,” gives a new and sometimes very honest view of different problems in society from a female comedian’s side.

Furthermore, Aditi isn’t afraid to talk about things like how people see women, women’s rights, and what society thinks is normal, mixing clever jokes with her thoughts about society. One of the best Indian stand-up comedy shows on Netflix.

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Through her unique voice and ability to challenge the status quo, Aditi enthuses her audience while shedding light on topics that are often considered taboo.

7. Comedy Premier League

Comedy Premier League

Comedy Premier League” is a unique comedy program on Netflix that gets the most famous Indian comedians together.

In this super funny contest, teams of famous comedians joke around, make up funny things on the spot, and do hilarious games.

https://youtu.be/M9zv9ghrDVk?si=uK 5 cFSsP qI fEI DJ 

Wondering why you should consider watching it? The show’s style, where they do regular comedy, act out funny scenes, and make up funny stuff as they go along, will make you laugh a lot and want to see more

8. Ladies up – Prashasti Singh

Ladies up

Prashasti Singh’s comedy show, “Ladies Up,” shines a light on the amazing talent of female comedians in India and lets them speak their minds without any limits.

With her jokes that many people can relate to and sometimes make fun of herself, Prashasti talks about things like relationships, problems with work, and what society expects, all while being funny and charming.

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Her way of connecting with the audience like a friend and her laughter that spreads to everyone make “Ladies Up” a show you shouldn’t miss if you love comedy.


9. Vir Das – losing it

Losing It” is Vir Das’s comedy show where he makes people laugh about the funny things that happen in our everyday lives.

With his special way of being funny and mixing in things from different cultures, Vir talks about stuff like politics, religion, and big world problems, adding his own special funny touch to them.

https://youtu.be/qtswR_SW8S0?si=jCsmr M4o-sHElf 

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Losing It” shows that Vir Das is a comedian who can make all kinds of jokes, from ones that are just for fun to ones that make you think and look inside yourself.”

10. Vir Das Landing

Vir Das Landing

Vir Das Landing” highlights Vir Das’s amazing skill at keeping people interested with his stories and perfect sense of when to be funny.

In this funny show, Vir talks about what it’s like being an Indian comedian performing all around the world, sharing stories about things like misunderstandings between cultures, stereotypes, and how he’s grown personally.

Wondering why you should consider watching it? Vir Das can make people laugh in surprising places, showing that laughter can be found anywhere, no matter where you’re from.

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