15 Best Indie Rock Bands You Must Know

Indie Rock bands
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There are many indie rock bands in the world, who tried to bring some change with their music. Also, Indie musicians are loved all around the world with a huge fan-following.

The genre came into the scene during the mid-80s. Indie music is a genre in music that provides freedom and independence. That is what defines the genre the free spirit and the unconventional style of music.

So, here you are going to find the best 15 Indie Rock bands you must listen to, even if it is just for once in your lifetime.

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15. Spoon

Spoons were founded in 1979 in Burlington, Ontario. Gordon Deppe (lead vocals and guitar), Sandy Horne (vocals and bass), Brett Wickens (keyboards, synths), and Peter Shepherd were the original members of the band (drums).

Deppe, Horne, and Wickens all went to Aldershot High School, and Deppe and Horne (the band’s only constant members) dated during their time there. While eating alphabet soup at Brett Wickens’ house, the band decided on their name. They all stared at their spoons in unison while tossing over prospective names, and “then there was no going back.”

14. Neutral Milk Hotel

Neutral Milk Hotel, established in Ruston, Louisiana, by singer, guitarist and songwriter Jeff Mangum, who was an American Indie Rock band in the late eighties.

13. Pixies

Pixies were one of the most influential alternative rock bands, combining spiky, raging guitars with catchy pop songs, interwoven cisgender harmonies, and intriguing, enigmatic lyrics.

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12. Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys debuted in 2005 with a bang, with their nerdy and erudite brand of indie rock. The band immediately became a sensation in the United Kingdom, thanks to glowing reviews and going viral worldwide.

11. Pavement

Pavement, the pioneers of the “lo-fi” alternative rock style, paved the way for college rock in the 1990s. Also, their distorted, melancholy guitar pop, drowsy melodies, and intricate language appealed to grunge purists.

10. Talking Heads

They may have only been together for 16 years, but this New York Band became one of the very biggest influences on subsequent alternative or indie-rock acts. The band was formed in 1975. They managed to hit mainstream while maintaining their street cred with critics during the 1980s.

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9. The White Stripes

After getting the Detroit scene buzzing with their first three discs. The White Stripes went from indie-garage rockers to a worldwide sensation. They were also one of the most well-known indie rock bands around the globe. They’ve called the quits long ago but there’s no denying that they knew to get the crowd going with their fusion of garage punk and blues-rock.

8. Pearl Jam

With a grunge lineage, there is no doubt or any wonder on how Pearl Jam is one of the best indie rock bands of all time. However, they did this via their own merits which included some of the most memorable hooks and courses are driven by socio-political lyrics.

7. Depeche Mode

They came onto the music scene in 1981. Despite the departure of Vince Clarke, the group came back with a darker sound that literally captivated teens everywhere, which helped them go mainstream.

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6. Red Hot Chilli Peppers

They induced Funk hard rock & psychedelic rock into their style and that’s exactly what makes them both unique and long-lasting. After several years of taking the indie route, The Red Chilli Peppers hit it big during the early 90s.

5. R.E.M

Formed in the 1980s. These guys from Atlanta, Georgia made a name for themselves with their very first album. With the help of Michael Stipe’s hard-to-decipher singing and Peter Buck’s distinctive guitar style, R.E.M had people raving when college radios showed their back in the 80s.

4. The Clash

They were known for their angsty dirty vibe. Also, their lyrics were socio-politically driven. After spreading their musical message on tour the idealistic musicians struck a chord with Americans by experimenting with genres in their albums.

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3. The Cure

They came into the scene during 1976 and found home that decade within the post-punk and new wave movements.

2. Radiohead

After making their first two indie-rock songs, Radiohead proved they weren’t a one-note band with the more complex sound and abstract of themes. Also, Radiohead is highly regarded as one of the greatest acts because of its good and consistent music.

1. Nirvana

The Indie rock scene has never been the same after Nirvana burst into the scene. Nirvana brought the Seattle sound to the masses and became the leader of grunge’s “The Big Four”.