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KSHMR is an American Dj/Music Producer of Indian descent. A lot of people like different styles of music. He always has some eastern or specifically Indian elements in his music and that’s what makes him unique. Kshmr loves his heritage and culture of India and he is inspired by Indian music. In this list, we are going to discuss the top 10 best songs of KSHMR. If you are newly introduced to Kshmr and his music or have been a fan, then this article is definitely for you.

Since Kshmr’s major label release songs have overshadowed his old and underrated songs which he started releasing with his label Dharma, So we thought that we should list those underrated songs and make a Top 10 list. In these songs, you will see authentic and Raw Kshmr music. The song we have listed are pretty interesting, even after many songs belonging to the same genre, each has a different element.

We ranked the list based on views, no other aspects as everyone has a different taste in music, but we shortlisted the best songs of KSHMR based on how underappreciated and different they are, we tried to show you the best songs by KSHMR. So, let us take a look at our Top 10 Kshmr songs every fan must listen to!

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Best KSHMR Songs | Top 10 KSHMR Tracks


Wildcard tops our list with 47 million views on YouTube! The theme of this song is Middle Eastern as the melody is inspired by Arabic music. You can’t stop yourself from grooving to the drop and feeling the lyrics. Sidnie Tipton garnished the song with her great vocals. This song was released 4 years ago on Spinnin Records and it still doesn’t sound old. It is just as fresh as it was back then.

The wildcard is seductive and big. KSHMR’s production in combination with the mesmerizing vocals from Sidnie Tipton will sway you away through the night. let’s take a look at the video of this song! It is a lyrical music video and it is based on middle eastern culture.

KSHMR - Wildcard (feat. Sidnie Tipton) [Official Music Video]

You can notice the common resemblance of Middle Eastern culture in the video as it shows a lot of Arabic buildings, markets, females with scarf, belly dancers, Hookah, etc. These all things resembles the middle eastern culture. This song is a proper Banger and everyone should take a listen to it! that’s why it comes on the KSHMR top 10 songs list. let’s move to the 2nd position on the list.


Sunburn is an electronic music festival held in India and it is Asia’s biggest EDM festival. This song was the official Anthem of SUnburn 2015 produced by Kshmr and Marnik and if you have been following their songs then you would know that when Kshmr and MArnik are together, it’s always a Banger! This banger has already crossed 44 Million views and it was released by the music label Spinnin Records. About music, it is just great and evergreen.

The way Kshmr and Marnik added the Indian vibes and melodies to the song is just outstanding and we can’t forget about the Vocal phrase as they are one of the elements which put the song on fire! The vocal phrase says ” Yaad Teri Aati h! ” which translates in English as ” I miss you “.

KSHMR & Marnik - Bazaar (Official Sunburn Goa 2015 Anthem) [Official Music Video]

Kshmr sure knows how to make greatness out of his skill and this song is just another example of it. The video of this song is great as well and it completes the Anthem! The video shows the Indian culture and how the Sunburn festival is celebrated. This video shows and represents the Indian culture by showing the busy markets, Deserts of Rajasthan, Beaches of Goa, different temples showing the diversity of religions, and a lot of popular places, that’s why it comes on KSHMR top 10 songs list. Explaining the video in words is not possible so we will prefer you should definitely watch it!

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Another Banger! This song has 33 Million views on YouTube and it was released by Spinnin Records. Again just like most of the Kshmr songs this song too has Indian vibes but this song is completely Indian EDM. The melody and the vocal chants just make this purely Indian. You can kidnap an Indian with a song as it is really catchy! The hardstyle times of Kshmr were his peak as he got a lot of love for it but when he hot a lot of backlashes when he switched genres. But he’s just experimenting with his music nowadays and people have started to accept it. And this song is just a masterpiece collaboration of Headhunterz and Kshmr. The drop, bridge, intro everything of this song is just perfect!

Headhunterz & KSHMR - Dharma (Official Music Video)

Video of this song is a masterpiece too as the concept is really cool. You can see a forest and a lot of animals in this video but the most important element of this song you will find are two white figures. These two white figures might seem like ghosts but they are like some kind of forest spirits who are dancing on the track. And at the end of the video, you will see a female dressed up leaves and flowers dancing with the other spirits and controlling them. It can be like a representation of summer when the forest is active and every living being is enjoying there time!


The official Anthem of Sunburn 2017 produced by Kshmr, Marnik, and The Golden Army. Shiva is a God of Destruction in Hinduism, he destroys the world in order to recreate it! This song is kind of a tribute to God as the Sanskrit chants used in this song are used to praise Lord Shiva. This song can give you goosebumps with music and quality. It starts with the Sanskrit chants and builds up for the drop. The transition from intro to Drop is just great and again you know it is a Banger when you see Kshmr and Marnik together! This song was released by Spinnin Records and later by Kshmr’s own Label Dharma WorldWide. It has 9.3 Million views on Spinnin Records and more than 270K views on Dharma WorldWide.

KSHMR & Marnik (ft. The Golden Army) - SHIVA (Sunburn 2017 Anthem) [Official Audio]

The video has nothing much to offer but a visualizer of Divine Shiva. This track is really addictive and catchy and that’s enough of a reason for you to listen to it!

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Had enough of the Hardstyle music? here you get some chill music by Kshmr that shows the versatility of Kshmr. If you have heard Lost Stories before then you would know that he is an Indian based Music producer who produces a lot of chill music and in this track, you can definitely feel the chill vibe. Not just the music is great but the vocals of Kavita Seth are just complimenting the whole track! The video of this song is as great as the music because of the story they presented in it.

The story presented in the video targets a lot of topics like teen school love, love of grandparents, self-acceptance, low confidence, and the beauty of Art. We will try to explain the story in short.

KSHMR & Lost Stories - Bombay Dreams [feat. Kavita Seth] (Official Music Video)

So there is a kid who loves to dance and there is a girl he likes in school. He likes the girl and the girl practices some kind of Indian traditional dance form. The kid’s brother records him secretly and sends that video to everyone, the Kid loses his confidence but one day when he was hanging out with his Grandpa. They notice a group of kids dancing in the streets and his Grandpa walks towards the dance group and joins them.

The kid realizes that he needs to accept himself and his body, so he started dancing in school and wherever he wanted to as he was more confident in public areas now. And one beautiful morning on the terrace, he noticed that the girl he likes was copying his dancing style and a love story starts from there! that’s why it comes on the KSHMR top 10 songs list.


Another masterpiece by Kshmr but many will find a resemblance of Alan Walker but don’t worry Kshmr doesn’t ghost produce for him. The drop of this song sounds a lot like most of Alan Walker songs as the rhythm and synths Kshmr used are pretty similar but that doesn’t mean he copied any style. Kshmr even said that the drop would sound weak if he removes that lead and rhythm. The lyrics are really great and there is something special at the start of the song. A phrase of Hanuman Chalisa which is kind of a mantra to praise Hindu God Hanuman. Lord Hanuman shows strength and many wrestlers practice his mantra and worship him for strength and there is a huge connection of this mantra to the video.

KSHMR & Yves V - No Regrets (feat. Krewella) [Official Music Video]

The video has a really strong message. It roams around a paralyzed kid who wants to be strong and wrestles just like his father and homies. he always watches wrestling and draws his idols which shows how much he wants to be strong! The video shows how he goes through a lot of problems. Kshmr got one of the best video messages and we think everyone should watch it! that’s why it comes on the KSHMR top 10 songs list.

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Yes, you read the title right, Kshmr made a legendry remix of Game of Thrones theme score without ruining the authentic vibe of it. Kshmr joined The Golden Army and released this track in 2017 and it has almost 5.5 Million views on it. Everyone must have seen or heard about Game of Thrones as it is really popular all over the world and there are 8 seasons of it. The special thing about Game of Thrones is its theme Score. The great composer Ramin Djawadi composed this masterpiece and it is stuck in heart of GOT fans. But Kshmr just gave it his twist and the way kshmr composed and produced it is just great. He turned the calm song into a banger with emotions!

Game Of Thrones (KSHMR & The Golden Army Remix) (Free HQ Download)

Just click on the play button and listen to this MAsterpiece, these songs really shows how talented Kshmr is and how much recognition he deserves.


A really underrated song on number 8th! This song really deserves a lot of views because of the quality. If we talk about the lyrics first then Nevve just nailed the vocals and lyrics and they are simple but with deep meanings. The choice of words was really creative. And even the vocals of Nevve gave life to this awesome track. And if we talk about music then you know its a banger when there is Kshmr in the title! The music and music video was themed on Cowboy culture and it sounds really great. The chants can really make the crowd go crazy on a festival and they wont stop banging their heads.

KSHMR - Do Bad Well (feat. Nevve) [Official Lyric Video]

The visuals are based on Cowboy culture and stories. The message was pretty badass as the hook was ” If you cant do good then do bad well “. This breaks down into if you are not able to do good properly then do the bad things against negative properly. This song really deserves more than 3 Million views for sure, so check it out! that’s why it got the 8 positions on the KSHMR top 10 songs list.


A beautiful song with a beautiful message! This song is really different from Kshmr’s usual songs. In 2019 Kshmr started exploring chill genres and kinda abandoned the hardstyle he used to do but he is good at everything he touches. A weird thing happened with this song too. An Indian Rapper Emiway Bantai used to vocal sample from Kshmr’s sample pack and his fans started commenting “Copied” in the comments of this song. If you still look at the comment section of this song you will see most of the comment talking about Emiway. And because of that people didn’t notice the beautiful message of this song. Since the sample pack was made by Kshmr so he didn’t copy and he had to reply to everyone with the link of his sample pack.

KSHMR - My Best Life (feat. Mike Waters) [Official Lyric Video]

If we talk about the message then it is simple and effective. The lyrics tell how people compromise their true happiness for other’s opinions about them or money! The lyrics are really greatly written and even the video shows different stories of different people. This is just a masterpiece and you should surely check it out!

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A collab that everyone wanted but still super underrated. This track was released by Spinnin Records and still, it only has 1.5 Million views. The best thing about this song is that Kshmr adapted Brooks’s style of music. This is Future Bounce Genre of EDM and it sounds really good! The vocals really compliment the music and the bouncy elements of drop are really catchy.

The vocals work like ear candy as it is sweet. The visuals are really good, visuals are the specialty of Brooks and Kshmr’s music videos. Kshmr generally prefers a real shot video while brooks usually add a lot of graphics and stuff to make it catchy. And this is definitely made in Brooks’s style. Just check it out and have fun!

Brooks & KSHMR - Voices (Feat. TZAR) [Official Lyric Video]

So, the article ends here hope you like the KSHMR top 10 songs list, but before leaving the page make sure to listen to these songs and check out our other interesting articles. We have many Top 10 lists and a lot of articles about music! Kshmr really deserves a lot of audiences and he is really talented. We will post more articles like this in the future, so stay tuned!

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