Best Rap Songs About Love: 15 Hip Hop Love Songs

Rap songs about love
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Hello guys, do you know? Rap songs about love have been at hip-hop’s center since its birth. These rap songs about love include love of the game, the love of money, and love of one’s self.

However, today’s article is relatable to rap songs about love. So, let’s spot some light on it first. Rap songs about love, Whether they’re about a guy relearning how to love or a lover swearing up and down about what he’ll do in the bedroom. 

You know, the best romantic hip-hop songs make it clear the passions are genuine and direct. By the way, they’re playable year-round, too. From LL Cool J feeling things to Future trying to let some love into his life. 

So, without any further ado let’s dive straight into the list of rap songs about love. This will surely give you those romantic vibes, and make you miss your partners.

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Enjoy this light reading below on rap songs about love:

1- “Love” (2017)

Portrayed by Zacari as “a whole new genre”,  the song is a love song where Lamar expresses his devotion to his fiancée, Whitney Alford. Kendrick Lamar released the song “Love” from his fourth studio album Damn, released on April 14, 2017.

However, the song was written by Lamar, Zacari Pacaldo, Teddy Walton, Sounwave, Greg Kurstin, and Anthony Tiffith, and produced by the latter four. One of the best Rap songs about Love.

It’s a beautiful romantic song. 

  • Album: DAMN.
  • Best Pick-Up Line: “Keep it a whole one hand: Don’t get you, I got nothin’.”
  • Length: 3:33

2- “Temptations” (1995)

American rapper Tupac Shakur (2Pac) released the track, “Temptations” from his third studio album, Me Against the World (1995).

However, It was released as a single in the US on August 29, 1995, and was released as a CD, cassette, and 12″ promo. 

While rapping is solely performed by Shakur, Erick Sermon and producer Easy Mo Bee are also featured in the song primarily as background vocalists.

The song uses the bassline from “Computer Love”, and the theme focuses on relationship and infidelity issues. Debuting at number sixty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100, the song did fairly well in the United States. 

It was also well received by critics, with many writers commenting on its romantic tone.

  • Album: Me Against the World
  • Best pick-up line: “Now that it’s passion, hold me tight/Don’t need lights, I can see you by the moonlight.”
  • Length: 5:00

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3- “The Light” (2000)

“The Light” is the Grammy-nominated second single from Common’s 2000 album. It was produced by Jay Dee and features keyboards performed by James Poyser.

The song is Framed as a love letter, it is a confession of Common’s love for a woman – specifically, his girlfriend at the time, Erykah Badu. One of the best Rap songs about Love.

The music video features Common, Erykah Badu, and “recognizable sensual delights,” including “a homemade Minnie Riperton cassette, a mango, a pink lava lamp, and a deeply green water-beaded leaf.”

  • Album: Like Water for Chocolate
  • Best pick-up line: “It’s important, we communicate/and tune the fate of this union, to the right pitch/I never call you my bitch or even my boo/There’s so much in a name and so much more in you.”
  • Length: 4:21

4- “Bound 2” (2013)

Bound 2, is a song by American rapper Kanye West, produced by West and Che Pope, with additional production being handled by Eric Danchick, Noah Goldstein, No ID, and Mike Dean. 

The song features vocals from American soul singer Charlie Wilson and serves as the album’s second single. 

“Bound 2” incorporates samples from “Bound” by Ponderosa Twins Plus One and the lines “Uh-huh, honey” and ”Alright” from Brenda Lee’s “Sweet Nothin’s”. Also, The song interpolates Wee’s “Aeroplane (Reprise)” for the bridge, sung by Charlie Wilson.

However, received universal acclaim from music critics, who referred to the song as one of the highlights of the album, comparing its soul-influenced, sample-based production to West’s debut studio album, The College Dropout (2004).

The song received two nominations at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Rap Song and Best Rap/Sung Performance. 

  • Album: Yeezus
  • Best pick-up line: “Hey, you remember where we first met?/Okay, I don’t remember where we first met.”
  • Length: 3:49 

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5- “What You Want” (1998)

“What You Want”, also known as “Tell Me What You Want”, is the second single released from Mase’s debut album, Harlem World. 

It was produced by Nashiem Myrick of the production team, The Hitmen, and featured vocals by the R&B group, Total. One of the best Rap songs about Love.

“What You Want” was another successful single for Mase, peaking at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his second straight top 10 single, and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

  • Album: Harlem World
  • Best pick-up line: “In a year or two, girl, I could see you with my kids/Girl, you make a thug want to get a legal gig/It’s only right we spend our lonely nights/Gettin’ crazy biz till we wake the kids.”
  • Length: 4:02 

6- “Best I Ever Had” (2009)

Canadian singer and rapper, Drake released the track “Best I Ever Had” from his debut EP So Far Gone. 

It first became prominent from the release of Drake’s third mixtape of the same name. One of the best Rap songs about Love.

The song is also included on Drake’s debut studio album Thank Me Later, as a bonus track on the Japanese version of the album, and on iTunes in several countries.

  • Album: So Far Gone
  • Best pick-up line: “Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on/That’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong.”
  • Length: 4:19 

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7- “Eye Know” (1989)

“Eye Know” is a 1989 single from De La Soul’s debut album 3 Feet High and Rising. It peaked at number 14 on the UK singles chart. It was not released as a single in the United States.

The song is an upbeat love song featuring guitar and horn samples from The Mad Lads’ “Make This Young Lady Mine”, whistle sample from Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”, guitar, keyboard, and vocal samples from Steely Dan’s “Peg” and drums from Lee Dorsey’s “Get Out of My Life, Woman”.

This song was used on Match of the Day 2 as background music during the showing of Saturday’s goals from 2004 to 2008.

  • Album: 3 Feet High and Rising
  • Best pick-up line: “It’s I again and the song that I send/Is taking steps to reach your heart/Any moment you feel alone/I can fill up your empty part.”
  • Length: 4:13

8- “Montego Bae” (2018)

Montego Bae” floats in on a tropical breeze, with the elegance of a Golden Age Hollywood travel movie. 

Noname’s nimble, soft-spoken flow fits perfectly atop the splashy cymbals and ambulatory bass line, as she luxuriates in pleasures both physical (oral sex) and intellectual (reading Toni Morrison). One of the best Rap songs about Love.

However, The song clocks in at just 2:45, but it’s steamy and sensual enough that it feels like an entire week spent shacked up by the Caribbean Sea.

  • Album: Room 25
  • Best pick-up line: “How’s it feel to be on my mind? I can’t believe I found you in time.”
  • Length: 2:44

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9- “Make Me Better” (2007)

“Make Me Better” is the third single from Fabolous’ album From Nothin’ to Somethin’. The song features Ne-Yo on the hook and is produced by Timbaland.

In its January 2008 issue, VIBE Magazine named “Make Me Better” the best song of 2007 on its list of the top 44.

The single spent 14 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Rap Tracks. 

This is a record for 2006 and 2007 on this chart.

  • Album: From Nothin’ to Somethin’
  • Best pick-up line: “You plus me, it equal better math/Your boy a good look, but she my better half/I’m already bossin, already flossin/But why have the cake if it ain’t got that sweet frosting?”
  • Length: 4:13

10- “Searching” (1995)

“Searching” is the third and final single by Pete Rock & CL Smooth from their album, The Main Ingredient. 

This is a downtempo and mellow song about relationships, with singer Vinia Mojica performing in the chorus. 

Released just prior to the breakup of the group, the song received very little promotion. It was remixed and re-released at the beginning of 1996. 

The song features samples from the Roy Ayers song “Searching”. One of the best Rap songs about Love.

  • Album: The Main Ingredient
  • Best pick up line: “You’re everything that I dream about, talk about/Walk around and brag about, cause I don’t give a damn about/What they say, what he say, or she say/I’m addicted like drugs to your loving, but hey/You got me strung like I’m young and it’s crazy.”
  • Length: 4:10

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11- “Incredible” (2017)

Even without his grittier self-titled album to compare to, HNDRXX was a glowing delight that rested on Future’s top talent. 

It’s a sharp switch-up considering the two albums were released within a week of each other, but you forget about the context when the tropical keys of “Incredible” rev up. 

What was true in 2013 is true now: Future sounds great when he’s in love. “Are you the one? Are you the one?” a disarmed Future asks, a monster no more.

  • Album: HNDRXX
  • Best pick-up line: “I was havin’ trust issues/But I’ve been havin’ way better luck since you/I know it’s true love with you.”
  • Length: 4:05

12- Mac Miller, “ROS” (2015)

Though Mac Miller made an entire album as an “exploration of love,” perhaps his most touching and romantic track actually came on GO:OD AM.

“ROS” is a soaring synthesis of several of Miller’s best sonic personas: the confessional jazz crooner Larry Lovestein, the detail-oriented rhymer, and the spiritual yearner seeking an almost holy fulfillment through human connection. 

The ascendant background vocals give “ROS” a lightness and buoyancy, but it’s anchored by Miller’s unwavering candor. 

“If love doesn’t last forever then forever ain’t the same,” he says.

  • Album: GO:OD AM
  • Best pick-up line: “You like your vodka with a little touch of lime/You should probably take your heels off/Cause you’ve been running through my mind”
  • Length: 5:43

13- “Shakiyla (JRH)” (1990)

Conscious brothers need love too! A decade before the dead prez was having mind sex, Wise Intelligent and company paid tribute to that special lady…respectfully, of course. 

Fun fact: The original version of “Shakiyla” used the same Zapp sample as 2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up.”

  • Album: Pure Poverty
  • Best pick-up line: “Word is bond the sistah loves me and I love her like no other…/ I spend a lot of time with the sistah I protect.”
  • Length: 4:04

14- “See You Again” (2017)

“See You Again” is a song by American rapper and singer Wiz Khalifa, featuring American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth. 

It was commissioned for the soundtrack of the 2015 film Furious 7 as a tribute to actor Paul Walker, who died in a single-vehicle accident on November 30, 2013. 

Later on, the song was included as a bonus track on the international release of Puth’s debut album, Nine Track Mind. 

The artists co-wrote the song with its co-producers, DJ Frank E and Andrew Cedar, with additional production from Puth and mixing provided by Manny Marroquin. 

“See You Again” was released on March 10, 2015, as the soundtrack’s lead single in the United States.

  • Album: Flower Boy
  • Best pick-up line: “Wonder if you look both ways when you cross my mind”
  • Length: 3:49

15- “Teenage Love” (1988)

“Teenage Love” is the first single released from Slick Rick’s 1988 debut album, The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. 

It was released in November 1988 as his debut single and was produced by Slick Rick and The Bomb Squad. 

The track would prove to be a hit for Slick Rick, making it to number 16 on the Hot Black Singles chart and number 8 on the Hot Rap Singles. 

It wasn’t as successful as the next single, “Children’s Story”, released the following year.

  • Album: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
  • Best pick-up line: “Ya mighty proud while you’re holding their hand/Boys, yea that’s my woman, and girls, yeah that’s my man.”
  • Length: 4:16