15 Best Toy Story Characters Of All Time

Toy Story Characters
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Toy Story is the first fully computer-animated film released in 1995. It has other three movie sequels. In fact, it has the same lead characters in every movie. Toy Story depicts the story of living toys. There are several amazing characters in the movies. We have picked some of the Best Toy Story Characters.

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There are other side characters in the Toy Story series. Here we have compiled the list of 15 characters that has ruled millions of hearts. So, Let’s Check out the list.

15 Best Toy Story Characters Of All Time

1- Woody:

Toy Story Characters: Woody

Sherrif Woody is one of the most popular Toy Story characters. He is a cowboy rag doll. Tom Hanks has given the voice to Woody. Woody is his fav toy of Andy Davis.

2- Mr. Potato Head:

Mr Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a supporting character in the Toy Story franchise. Andy makes him the villain in the games. Mr. Potato is rude and cynical but also has a good heart.

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3- Jessie:

Toy Story Characters: Jessie

Jessie is a vintage Cowgirl. She is a friendly but sarcastic girl. She fears being closed in something. Jessie doesn’t want to be left behind. She first appeared in Toy Story2.

4- Buzz Lightyear:

Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is a spaceman action figure. Buzz is one of the main characters in Toy Story. He possesses emotions like humans. He wants to keep the Toy family together.

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5- Forky:

Toy Story Characters: Forky

Forky is a handcrafted toy made up of a spork by Bonnie. He first appeared in Toy Story 4. He has googly eyes, hands made with a red pipe cleaner. Woody brought him back from Gabby Gabby in exchange for his voice box.

6- Andy Davis:

Andy Davis

Andy Davis is a teenage boy and one of the main characters. He is the owner of the toys. He loves his toys. Andy’s favorite toy is woody. Even after Andy grew up, he cares for his toys.

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7- Rex:

Toy Story Characters: Rex

Rex is a supporting character in the Toy Story series. He is a fearsome dinosaur. In fact, He is kind and caring. Rex suffers from anxiety and insecurities. He thinks that he will be replaced with another dinosaur.

8- Bo Peep:

Bo Peep

Bo Peep is one of the most beautiful Toy Story characters. It is often inspired by the character of the nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep. She is her love interest of Woody.

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9- Aliens:

Toy Story Characters: Aliens

Aliens are identical toys in a game at the restaurant Pizza Planet. They are in a claw vending machine. They all have similar appearances and voices. The logo of Pizza Planet is printed on their space uniform.

10- Sid:

Sid Phillips

Sid Phillips is one of the antagonists in Toy Story characters. He is the neighbor of Andy Davis. He is rude to his toys. Sid terrorized Woody, Buzz, and many other toys in his mad doctor play.

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11- Hamm:

Toy Story Characters: Hamm

Hamm is the piggy bank of Andy Davis. Hamm and Mr. Potato are best friends. He is more sensible than other toys. He can identify locks, and trash bags and quickly change channels.

12- Gabby Gabby:

Gabby Gabby

Gabby-Gabby is the main antagonist who turned into a supporting character. She speaks in a polite manner. She feels bad for rejection because of the voice control box.

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13- Lots-o-Huggin Bear:

Toy Story Characters: Lotso

Lots-o-Huggin Bear is the antagonist in Toy Story 3. He is a big pink teddy bear. He pretends to be a kind being. But eventually, the truth comes out. He is an evil bear who is cruel to Woody and his friends.

14- Slinky Dog:

Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog is one of the cutest Toy Story characters. He is a playful wooden dog who is loyal to Woody. He has a plastic front and hindquarters. His name is Slinky because he has a metal slinky middle

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15- Bullseye:

Toy Story Characters: Bullseye

Bullseye is a supporting character in the Toy Story franchise. He is a toy horse but he has dog attributes. He enjoys friendship and adventures with his friends.

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