Encanto Songs In Order

Encanto Songs In Order
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Hey folks! I hope you all are doing great. Readers, today’s article is about Encanto songs in order. To begin with, it’s righteous to mention that Encanto’s songs made the movie so phenomenal that it is worth saying magical, isn’t it? For those who don’t know, Encanto is a Spanish word. The noun Encanto means “charm”. Encanto, the movie is based in Colombia. Furthermore, no one can deny that Disney always comes up with enthralling films. Encanto is also one of the most enthralling movies of all time. 

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Let me tell you that earlier we already completed several articles on Encanto, such as Encanto characters, Encanto family tree, and what Encanto means, and finally, now it’s time for Encanto songs in order. I am very excited to write about this topic as well. You all might agree to this that in every movie the songs play a vital role in connecting with the audience with ease.

You wouldn’t believe those movies which have an average story but wonderful songs, even those that do great on screen. Hence, it is proven that songs are the most important part of films. And this particular movie has 8 songs in it. We will discuss each one of them. 

Encanto Songs:

Let’s come back to the topic, Encanto songs in order, people around the globe are huge fans of Encanto songs. This article comprises every song that the Encanto movie has. Hence, the name of this article is Encanto songs in order. Let me tell you about the special thing about these songs. In case you haven’t watched the movie yet, I can assure you if you hear and watch out for all these listed songs, you can easily grasp the whole story of the film. Isn’t that amazing? 

Alright guys, enough of the discussion,  now without any further ado, I would like to take you through the Encanto songs in order. 

1- “The Family Madrigal,”

The family Madrigal is the very first song in the movie that we all love. In this particular song, you will find an introduction to village kids and their magical powers as well. However, this song was mainly inspired by belle. The graphics used in the video are pretty cool. Just hear this out, I am sure you will appreciate it. 

2- “Waiting on a Miracle,” 

Waiting on a miracle is sung by Mirabel. This song describes the feeling of how it feels to see others having superpowers and you feel inferior to them because you don’t have any.

In the song’s video, you will find Mirabel listing out the powers of every Magical Madrigals and she hopes that one day she will also be blessed with such power so that she can be the right fit for the magical family. Hence, the name of the song is waiting on a Miracle. 

3- “Surface Pressure,” 

To begin with, this song is sung by Jessica Darrow as Luisa. This song has also reached no.8 on the billboard hot 100.

Those people who go through this feeling that they can’t show their emotional side or their weak side to the world because they need to take responsibility for their own and their loved ones can totally relate to this song.

Here Luisa explains how it feels to be overwhelmed with emotions and not be able to share that with anyone. The chorus of the song is just amazing. 

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4- “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” 

We don’t talk about Bruno, it features each and every member of the madrigal family where you will hear them saying “we don’t talk about Bruno no no no”. Let me tell you who Bruno was.

Bruno is the madrigal whose devotion to his family is what makes him different and wonderful from the rest of the family members. On the other hand, the song depicts something else.

As Bruno was blessed with the gift of prophecy and precognition, which was considered some sort of curse on the brood. Hence they don’t talk about Bruno. 

5- “What Else Can I Do?,” 

Isabela sings out this song, what else can I do? Well, let me tell you something about her. Her lack of empathy for her sister may make her somewhat unlikeable. But she’s willing to marry a man she doesn’t love for her family, so she’s nowhere near as selfish as she seems. Right? Speaking of this song, here you will find her as perplexed as to take her life.

Yes, Isabela wants to find something that she is really capable of doing without worrying about the fact that she has to look beautiful all the time. Later, at the end of the song she will thank Mirabel for helping her out to do what she wants. 

6- “Colombia, Mi Encanto” 

This song strongly tells you about the heart Colombian people possess. Undoubtedly, Disney is one of the very popular media that has a superbly high reach to the audience hence, it’s a great window to spread any idea. We are very well aware of the history of Colombia, hence this song will help in spreading positivity.

Coming back to the song, it has tried its best in putting so much effort into understanding a country like Colombia, especially its people. 

7- “Dos Oruguitas” 

Dos Oruguitas, was sung by Abuela Alma who is someone that values gifts above people, and it is her behavior that leads to the decay of Encanto.

Coming back to the song, it depicts the pain that she goes through when she lost her husband because of some uncertainty. Nevertheless, that eventually blessed her family with some magical abilities.

However, the song strongly spots light on the idea of how it feels like growing apart being a part of growing as a whole, “feels like the heart of the movie.”

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8- “All of You.”

All of you is a very beautiful song where you will find every member of the madrigal family telling about their learnings of life. Basically, it’s the closing song of the movie. 

Madrigals, even will talk about Bruno at first and later strongly point out the fact that magic is not a gift and you are more than just your gift. Hence the miracle is not the magic you have got, the miracle is you and not some gift, just you, all of you. 

Hope you enjoyed this light piece of reading.