20 Famous Master Oogway Motivational Quotes Ever

Master Oogway Motivational Quotes
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Here we go folks, In this article, we will be looking for the best famous Master Oogway motivational quotes of all time. Master Oogway is one of the popular and strongest Kung Fu masters in the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Oogway is a turtle male character in the series, who teach Kung Fu to his students and motivates them with his knowledge.

Oogway was a senior tortoise and the last senior master of the Jade Palace. He was the founder of the Valley of Peace, the creator of Kung Fu, and the developer of the Dragon Warrior legend.

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He was much admired by Shifu, the Furious Five, Po, the entire Valley of Peace, and all of China. He spent his life devoted to keeping the art of Kung Fu as a force for good.

Famous Master Oogway Inspirational Quotes Ever:

  1. “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That’s why It is called a present.” – Master Oogway
  2. “There is just news. There is no good or bad.” 
  3. “If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now.”
  4. “There are no accidents.”
  5. “When will you realize, the more you take, the less you have.”
  6. “Who knows the ways of the universe? Accident? Or destiny? That is the secret.” – Master Oogway
  7. “My time has come. You must continue your journey… without me. You must… believe. Promise me you’ll believe.”
  8. “Your Mind is like Water.When it gets agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.” – Master Oogway
  9. “Use your skills for good, young warrior. Find the one thing you were denied so long ago—compassion.” 
  10. “It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” 
  11. “You must let go of the illusion of control.”
  12. “There are no coincidences in this world.”
  13. “It is on you who must decide whether to stay or go.”
  14. “Your mind is like this water, my friend. When it gets agitated, it becomes difficult to see. But if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.”
  15. “Good things come to those who wait, greater things come to those who get out there and do anything to make it happen.”
  16. “Remember the path.” – Master Oogway
  17. “There is always something more to learn. Even for a master.”
  18. “One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.”
  19. “You just need to believe. You must believe.”
  20. “I think they will all lose until they find a battle worth fighting.”