15 Beautiful Famous One Piece Girls Ever

One piece girls
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Hello readers, how have you been? Hope you all are doing well. Today’s topic of discussion is One Piece girls. This article comprises the list of 15 beautiful famous One Piece girls ever. Before digging into that, I would like you to know a little about why One Piece is the best anime. 

The characters and the storyline of this series are responsible for its huge success in the global market. The story follows monkey D. Luffy on his journey to achieve his aim of becoming a pirate king. 

There are several points that made everyone give this anime series a watch. The reasons include,

  • Specific rules have been used throughout the series. ( we all know how important rules are, so whoever plays within the rules, everyone falls for them, isn’t they? ) 
  • Each and every character has a unique personality and they all evolve their personalities with time. ( this also helps in making the audience feel excited throughout the series. Especially the One Piece girls are fabulous. )
  • This amazing anime has less filler than other anime. 
  • The idea of introducing plenty of foreshadowing. 
  • One Piece girls have several creative techniques and abilities. 
  • The theme of world-building is bound to draw applause. 
  • The theme and the story are in sink throughout the series, it has portrayed the relatable issues. 
  • The series has given every minute detail in its storyline. (This helps us feel engaged throughout whilst watching.)

Hence, these were some main reasons why this is so popular. How about diving straight into the list of these popular One Piece girls? Yes, because this can give us a better idea about their role in anime. Let’s begin. 

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One piece girls listed on the basis of their popularity: 

1- Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock One piece girls
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She is famously known to be a pirate empress, who is the captain of Kuja pirates. Well, She is also the snake princess of Amazon lily

However, she is kind and compassionate towards others. Although, she is often seen as insecure to take her past, her sister’s past also. Why? Because they both have gone through something for which people can easily judge them. 

So, she is always protective about it and doesn’t want anyone to know the past-related things. She also has a strong liking for Luffy in the show. She had a strong trust in him. 

Speaking of her weaknesses, her only weakness was that she could not swim, other than this she had no weakness at all. Undoubtedly, she is the strongest member of the Kuja pirates. 

2- Shirahoshi

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Just like Boa, she also adored Luffy. She is a princess with a charming face. She is the youngest of King Neptune’s children, the only daughter to him. 

Being a princess, she has the immense power to control the sea kings. This attribute makes her an important character in the show. 

Hence, the princess is Poseidon. Other characters fear her because she possesses enough power to destroy the world if she desires. 

3- Nami

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In the show, she was first introduced as a thief. Yes, the thief who is skilled enough in cartographic, meteorological, and navigational things. 

Speaking of what NAMI does like the most, it is the treasures. Nami’s job was to be a navigator. Yeah! Navigator of the straw hat pirates and one of the senior officers of the straw hat grand fleet. Nami has the power to use lighting. 

4- Princess Vivi

Princess Vivi One piece girls
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She has powers that she uses for good. However, She is often seen rescuing people, and animals. She used to help people in their construction work on-site, and she also had the power to stop the flood which can destroy the towns. 

Alabasta has a beautiful princess, and that princess is Vivi. She is the daughter of titi and Nefertari cobra. 

Although, She was determined in her life to perform her duties with the right attitude. However, the princess left the straw hats after defeating the baroque. 

After this, she decides to be in his home country, nevertheless, as I mentioned that she was mindful of her duties, and even after returning to her home country, she still kept a track of the crew and their progress throughout the series. 

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5- Nico Robin 

Nico Robin
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This character was first introduced in the 114th chapter of the series. She is one of those two people who had this ability to read and decipher Poneglyphs. 

You might be wondering what it is. Well, it is a pure skill that is dangerous enough. Why? Because it can be threatening to the world government. 

Appearance wise she looks quite bold and not easy to handle. Nevertheless, she is quite calm and composed, and joyful in nature. She is also great at history. 

6- Koala

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She is the fish man karate assistant instructor and a high-ranking officer of the crew. She works alongside both Sabo and hack. 

A powerpack girl who is well trained in combat and espionage, this makes her the first choice for virtually any assignment. She was a former slave at first and is now an officer. Her character is important and intriguing enough. 

7- Vinsmoke Reiju

Vinsmoke Reiju
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She is also known by the name poison pink. The girl is the princess of the Germa kingdom. 

Although, she also has performed the role of commander in her own military arm forces. It’s easy to be in that position if you are a princess. 

Like boa and Shirahoshi, Reiju also has a great likability towards Luffy. I mean how demanding this guy is, isn’t it? The reason why she likes Luffy, he has done some good deeds for her brother Sanji. 

She was seen being extremely caring and lovable for her mother and brother. The girl is a capable warrior, she has proven this fact several times in the series. 

8- Big Mom 

Big Mom One piece girls
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She is the captain of the big mom pirates. Her bizarre appearance is appealing to the viewers. She looks hilarious. 

However, she was defeated by Luffy’s allies. She can use the power of devil fruit, this allows her to exact the soul of other people who fear her. 

Not just it, she even can put her own soul in Objects and create dangerous weapons out of them. Jimbei was the one who betrayed this lady, this resulted in making him being punished by declaring him an unofficial member of her crew. 

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9- Sora Vinsmoke

Sora Vinsmoke
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She is the queen of the Germa Kingdom. She was the mother of 4 children. The character of this woman has been shown as a kind and compassionate woman. She proved to be a great mother to her children. 

Sora tried her best to make her children empathetic, not cold-hearted. Being a mother she was protective about everything that relates to her children. She doesn’t let anyone harm them. I really liked her character in the show. 

10- Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney
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She is also known to be a big eater. The character is the captain of the Bonney pirates. Bonney and her crew members originated from south blue. This girl is the daughter of Bartholomew Kuma. Bonney has a son with Ace. 

Bonney, the meaning of her name is someone who is fine, attractive, and pretty. The character first appeared in the Sabaody Archipelago. She is very much fond of her father. 

The character shares the rivalry with those from her generation. She is indeed one of the very strong pirates. 

11- Catarina Devon

Catarina Devon One piece girls
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This character is known to be a “crescent Moon Hunter”. As evident by her appearance,  she is the most dangerous female pirate ever. However, the devil fruit that she ate was very dangerous too. 

That fruit gave her the power to convert herself into a nine-tailed fox. People feared her presence, as she was expected to be the most ghosted female pirate to ever be put in impel Down. 

She is quite sadistic. After the time skip, she obtained a sword and wears it on her right side.  

12- Vice Admiral Tsuru

Vice Admiral Tsuru
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This character is quite older, although very strong. She is powerful enough to strike intense fear into Doflamingo. 

She is an extremely famous and powerful marine vice admiral. Undoubtedly, she is one of the famous character figures among kong, Sengoku, shi Ki, and others. 

In addition to this, we can conclude that she is a tall, thin, and elderly woman. Appearance-wise, she is less formal than other officers but more powerful than others. 

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13- Charlotte Smoothie

Charlotte Smoothie
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She is the 14th daughter and 35th child of the Charlotte family. The character is one of those three commanders of big mom pirates, who covers the complete island. 

However, because of her persona, she is one of the important antagonists in the whole cake island Arc. 

In addition to this, the special thing about her is that she is very tall, exceptionally tall. She also has very long hair, ironically her left eye stays covered with her long hair always. 

The character has long hands too, she finds herself unable to perform daily chores. 

14- Carrot

Carrot One piece girls
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She is one of the major characters in this series. The character is a former member of the Higurashi Musketeer squad and a ruler’s aide. 

Well, after Kaido and big Mom’s defeat, she was appointed to become the new ruler of Zou. However, The character is very close to Pedro as he was her trainer during her Young age. 

15- Yamato

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Her appearance is actually good. She is magical. Why? Because she has the ability to find out the presence, emotions, and powers of others. 

However, she was very much physically strong. Her role was to keep a track of the straw hat’s exploits throughout the rest of the story. By the age of 28, Yamato is one of the strongest conqueror’s Haki users. 

Her devil fruit is known as the inu inu no mi, model: okuchi no makami. It was a very valuable fruit that kaido himself worked hard to get. 

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