15 Most Powerful Female Marvel Characters

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If you are looking for “damsels in distress” then this ain’t the list. So, by the phrase, you may have got what the topic of discussion is. The list is of the 15 most powerful Marvel female characters ever. The list is to empower women and show that they need no one to help them out. Also, nobody to sort out their problems.

Today’s list is a compilation of the top 15 most powerful Marvel Female Characters. Everyone always ends up being a big fan of all the main heroes who are men. Today’s list is not about Thor, Hulk, or Captain America but about the female characters who played a very important role to shape the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) and the comics into the way it is today.

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So, no more waiting, and here comes the list of the top 15 strongest marvel female characters:

15. Gamora

powerful Marvel female characters Gamora

Gamora is an ex-assassin of Zehoberei and an ex-Guardian of the Galaxy. After the death of half her race who was killed by Thanos, she became Thanos’s adoptive daughter and Nebula’s adopted sister. For years, Gamora had served Thanos but left him when she met her new team.

14. Susan Storm (Invisible Woman)

powerful Marvel female characters Susan Storm

Susan Storm is the Invisible Woman wife of Richard Reeds, and Mother of the strongest being on the planet Franklin Richard. So, no more introduction is needed to her.

13. Wasp

powerful Marvel female characters Wasp

Hope Van Dyne carries the name Wasp, given the amazing ability to change in size and fly! Wasp fights evil on any scale, showing real heroism is even of the smallest dimensions!

12. Valkyrie

powerful Marvel female characters Valkyrie

A very much stand-out character who went on head to head against the Goddess of death. Valkyrie needs to be on the list.

11. Emma Frost

Emma Frost

Emma Frost is a beautiful omega-level telepath who had the power to turn her body into the hardest substance known to men. How much more power does she need? She can already play with your mind as she sees fit.

10. Storm


Storm debuted in the 1975’s Giant-size X-men number one. Auroral Monroe has worn many hats over the years. She was born to an American Journalist and a Kenyan princess, but due to the tragic death of her parents, she became a petty pickpocket.

But as she had powers she came to be getting worshipped as a tribal goddess, before joining the X-men after being invited by Professor X.

9. Jean Grey

Jean Grey

First things first, it’s normal Jean Grey before gets the power of the Phoenix force. Jean is among the most powerful being in the entire Marvel Universe with the phoenix force but even without it, she is some force to reckon with.

She is an extremely gifted telepath and also an omega-level mutant. She was so powerful that Professor X had to put limiters in her brain to keep her powers in check. For sometimes it was really difficult for her to control her own powers.

8. America Chavez

America Chavez

America Chavez is also known as Miss America. She is a ground-breaking LGBTQ character who made her debut in 2011’s Vengeance No. 1 before getting her ongoing series in 2017.

When you consider her abilities you will begin to understand why she’s on the list. Miss Chavez has super-strength speed and stamina. Also, she is invulnerable and can fly. But most importantly, she can break through dimensions, like it’s nothing.

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7. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

With her arrival in MCU Carol Danvers no longer requires introduction as Captain Marvel is already an Avenger. So, I don’t think so much introduction is needed to her as she is super strong, has speed, stamina, flight, and whatnot. Can anyone forget the scene when she fights Thanos on equal terms pushing him back?

6. Rogue


Anna Marie was a rebel from a young age, which is how she earned her name Rogue. Her power is the ability to absorb the life force and energy of anyone with whose skin she comes into contact with. Be the Mutant or Human.

5. Hela


Hela is one wickedly powerful female character. Just imagine that Thor had to bring Ragnarok to stop Hela. So, you can imagine how strong this woman is. Also, she is immortal.

4. Thor(Jane Foster)

Jane Foster

After serving as Thor’s romantic interest for decades Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer. But shortly after she was summoned to the magical hammer Mjolnir which Thor lost the ability to wield.

After picking that up she became Thor with all the powers and all. But whenever she used to wield the hammer it used to undermine her cancer which was always dangerous for her life. But this shows how brave a woman can be.

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3. Scarlett Witch

Scarlett Witch

Scarlett Witch is an Avenger, a mutant usually, and one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Her chaos magic gives her the ability to reshape reality itself the way she sees fit. So, never mess with her.

2. Infinity


Infinity alongside her brother eternity essentially represents reality itself. As in the entirety of the Marvel universe itself. She is the brainchild of Mark Grunwald and Greg Capullo.

While eternity is the embodiment of All-time, infinity represents all space, across the multi-verse. Basically, she is a cosmic being.

1. Death


Death is a fundamental force alongside infinity and eternity but she makes her presence known far more often and directly because you know she’s Death. She is omnipotent and incapable of dying.

Also, due to her being a living concept who is imbued with limitless power. Death is not the sort of female entity you want to cross with. But you can fall in love with her like Thanos and Stupid Deadpool.

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