12 Nicki Minaj No Makeup Photo Will Amazed You

Nicki Minaj no makeup
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If you want to see some Nicki Minaj no makeup photos, then you have reached your destination. You may have heard her songs. Also, her curves, it’s absolutely sexy. She is a total bombshell.

She used to be a backup singer for a local rap artist in New York. Also, she is extremely bold and has an open mentality. So today, you’re going to find some of the best photos of Nicki Minaj without makeup. As she is bold and has a free sense of mind, she minds going no makeup.

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So, here are the 12 best photos of Nicki Minaj without makeup

12. Nude Selfie

Nude Selfie

She doesn’t care what people think. She loves to flaunt her curves. Also, with or without makeup she doesn’t care. In this photo, we can see her taking a selfie covering her breasts and all her private parts.

11. Selfie in a Care

Selfie in a car

Her curves are not everything to be talked about. She is pretty and bold, in this image you can see that she is wearing some chains on her neck and her hairs are messy and she also, haven’t used any makeup but still, she looks charming.

10. Shoot Time

Shoot Time

This image was taken during a shoot. But even though she hasn’t applied any make-up she looks hot as a blondie.

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9. Casual Day

Casual Day

She likes to spend her free time like a normal person and she doesn’t hide it from the public’s eye.

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8. Slefie Queen

Nicki Minaj no makeup

She is a total selfie queen. Also, even without makeup, she makes the most of it.

7. Outing in Sunshine

Nicki Minaj no makeup

In this picture, we can see her wearing a goggle and a pink hoodie.

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6. Eye Catcher

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Not just that she is busty but she has also got a beautiful pair of eyes.

5. Getting Hair Done

Nicki Minaj no makeup

She loves to click pictures and this picture was taken by her when she getting her hair done.

4. Award Function look

Nicki Minaj no makeup

It looks like she doesn’t need much makeup to look pretty as she is pretty.

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3. Rehearsals

Nicki Minaj no makeup

Damnnnnn… Smile that Dayum… Smile. This is a picture taken during her live shows, rehearsals.

2. Lemme Smile Man

Nicki Minaj no makeup

She just needs a camera to look at her and her smile makes the most of it.

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1. Going Topless

Going Topless

This picture absolutely broke the internet. In this pic, it can be seen Nicki flaunting her toned body hiding her lips and her breasts.

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