12 Rihanna No Makeup Photos Will Steal Your Heart

rihanna no makeup
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As we all know Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, businesswoman & actress. She was introduced by American record producer Evan Rogers who invited her to the United States to record demo tapes. The singer is very popular for her singing, looks & beauty. So guys, In this article, we are going to present you the best Rihanna no makeup photos, which you have not seen yet.

Rihanna loves to live a simple life, you will see a very rare photograph of her with no makeup below, sometimes she comes live on social media to talk with fans with a normal no-makeup face. She knows that fans love her real face. She has received lots of awards and honors, including 9 Grammy Awards, 13 American Music Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, and 8 People’s Choice Awards, among others.

So guys, when you scroll up the page you will see the 12 best with no makeup pictures of her, where she is looking so gorgeous and beautiful with no makeup. Also, she has been named the top Mainstream Top 40 chart artist of the past twenty years by Billboard. Rihanna has sold over 18 million singles and 6 million albums in the United Kingdom.

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12 Best Rihanna No Makeup Photos You Must See

1 – Rihanna Smiley’s Sun Face

rihanna no makeup

On 20th April 2015, she shared this picture via social media and wrote that ‘wildflower.’ When we see this picture, it seems like it wants to say something, she is looking so happy, and the sun’s rays add lots of happiness and make the picture marvelous. We can see that she has no makeup at all, and her right-hand tattoo increases her beauty of her.

2 – Rihanna Shocked Selfie

rihanna no makeup

Rihanna took this selfie when she was in the parlor. It looks like she wanted to get ready but the parlor staff was busy that’s why she made this weird face. She shared this picture via Instagram with her fans on 22nd Dec 2014.

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3 – With Fans Talk

rihanna no makeup

In this picture, Rihanna is promoting some brands and explaining to her fans how it is good for the skin and health. She is also a brand ambassador for many products. She wears a locket and silver upper, her hair looks so attractive when she explained, and her face looks pretty with no makeup.

4 – Rihanna Killer Look

rihanna no makeup

Rihanna shared this selfie via Instagram on 17th Dec 2014. Her star with double ring neckless makes her face so gorgeous, also she has not put any makeup on her face & her eyes look like, it wants to kill somebody.

5 – It’s Pool Time Click

rihanna no makeup

In this picture we can see that she is in the swimming pool, taking a bath. Her curly hair increases her beauty and she looks so pretty with no makeup.

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6 – Cool Dude Attitude Selfie

rihanna no makeup

Coming to this picture, Rihanna is looking so cool dude, like full-on swag mood, she uploaded this photo via Instagram in July 2015 and wrote that ‘heauxm. 😜’ She wears so many things including a bracelet, nack chain, sunglasses, cap, and earrings, and her grey t-shirt makes her so much more attractive. Another is that she looks so pretty with a no-makeup face.

7 – Taking Sun Rays


Rihanna shared this promotional post via Instagram where she does not put any makeup on her face, looking pure and natural.

8 – Just Random Click


This is one of the rarest photos of Rihanna you must see, she shared this picture via social media in April 2014. She looks so marvelous in this picture, one more time she comes up with fans with no makeup, as we know that she also has curly hair but this time her hair shows a lot.

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9 – Chillin Time With Nature


In this makeup-free selfie, her face is looking so natural and clean, and her gold chain and ring increase her beauty, On 23rd Dec 2013, she shared this picture via Instagram without a caption.

10 – Hot Brown Hairs Look


Speaking about this picture, she is looking so sexy with hot brown hair, this picture can easily steal everyone’s hearts. Every time we see this picture it seems like she wants to say something to fans. She captioned this picture, ‘flashback.’

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11 – Black & White Filter Time


Black & White filter image, She took this selfie when she woke up and went to the garden. She went to brazil and uploaded this image in B&W mode.

12 – Enjoying The Pool Time


Rihanna captioned this image, ‘when u can’t wait for summer.’ She can’t wait for the summer, she enjoys the sun’s rays.