The Best Witch Movies and Series to Watch on Netflix

Witch Movies Netflix
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Here we go guys, in this article, we will be looking for the best witch movies and series to watch on Netflix. Whether you’re into horror or child-friendly classics, there are lots of witch movies produced over the years. 

Some are dark while other movies can teach us a few lessons about life. Some of these movies have strong female characters, while others bring movie watches to a different reality. The good news is that you can now catch these movies on Netflix. 

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Here are some of the best witch movies that you can watch on Netflix. 

The Ritual 

First on our list is the Ritual. The Ritual is a 2017 British horror flick adapted from a 2011 novel by Adam Nevill. The movie’s plot revolves around four friends who decided to go on a hiking trip in Northern Sweden in memory of their friend who suggested the trip. Their friend Rob, the one who suggested the trip, was killed in a robbery. One of the best Witch movies on Netflix ever.

While in the forest, the group saw a gutted elk hanging from different branches, along with symbols that scream witchcraft. After a rainstorm forced them to find shelter, they discovered a cabin filled with more witchy symbols. This time, it comes with an effigy of a decapitated person made of twigs and antlers. 

From here, a bunch of weird incidents happened. From having nightmares to one of the characters suddenly praying at the effigy, the movie was filled with predictable but fun parts that would please movie aficionados who love the horror genre. 

The Last Witch Hunter 

If you’re not into horror and you like action, then you’d like The Last Witch Hunter on your watchlist. It’s a movie starring Vin Diesel, Elijah Wood, Rose Leslie, and the likes of Julie Engelbrecht. The plot of the movie is quite simple. There’s an underworld of supernatural creatures including witches. In an attempt to protect the world, witch hunters battle witches across the globe. 

Kaulder, who is a valiant witch hunter, managed to kill the powerful Queen Witch. Before her death, the Queen Witch managed to curse Kaulder with her own immortality, which means that he is forever separated from his daughter and wife in the afterlife. Today, Kaulder is the only witch hunter remaining. What he didn’t know was that the Queen Witch was resurrected and is looking for a payback. This puts the entire human race in danger. 

Evil Dead (2013)

Remakes of classic films are often a hit or miss. However, the 2013 Evil Dead is easily a good choice if you want to have a witch movie. The premise of the movie is the same as the 1981 original. College students went to a cabin during their vacation and discovered the Book of the Dead. After discovering the book, they accidentally summoned demons that possessed them one by one until only one survivor is left to fight the evil until the morning. 

Do we recommend the new one over the 1980s classic? If you want better effects, then maybe go for the new one. 

Spirited Away

Witch movies don’t have to always be scary. Spirited Away is a classic animation movie from Hayao Miyazaki animated by Studio Ghibli

Miyazaki decided to base the story on the film’s associate producer’s ten-year-old daughter when they saw each other one summer. 

This high-budget film is such a classic for those who love Ghibli classics. Pixar animator John Lasseter was a fan of the film that he tried so hard for Walt Disney to purchase the distribution rights for Spirited Away. This film grossed $395.8 million in the box office becoming the most successful Japanese film in history and is regarded by some critics as one of the best films of all time. 

The plot is quite simple. Ten-year-old Chihiro along with her parents are moving to a new home. Then, her father took a shortcut and stopped in front of a tunnel that leads to an abandoned amusement park. They were shocked to find that the restaurant had some food. Chihiro’s parents ate the food and this turned them into pigs. After which, the exit is now blocked. She’d later find out that her parents were turned into pigs by Yasuba who is a witch. Chihiro then works in Yubaba’s bathhouse as she tries to find a way to bring her parents into human form again. 

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The Swan Princess

The 1994 animated Disney film Swan Lake is a story of two kingdoms looking to unite their power by having their children meet every summer hoping that they’d fall in love. However, sorcerer Rothbart mastered dark magic and planned to take over King William’s kingdom. After William discovered Rothbart’s plan, he had him arrested. But despite calls for his death, King William showed mercy and banished him instead forever. Before leaving, Rothbart swore that he would get his revenge. 

Odette and Derek, the children who were supposed to get married, hated each other during their teens. And when they were adults, Odette rejected Derek because she thought that he was only after his beauty. One day, Odette was ambushed and kidnapped by Rothbart. He turned Odette into a swan in the morning and it’s up to Derek to rescue Odette. 

Can’t Find the Movies on Netflix?

If you’re having a difficult time finding these movies in your location, you have a few options to choose from. For one, you can check other platforms such as HBO Max, Disney, and Prime. If not, you’ll have to find a fast and reliable VPN for Netflix. This way, Netflix will think that you’re in a different location.


There are lots of movies with witches in them. With these films, you’d be able to enjoy different genres on Netflix. If you’re still not too sure, you can check sites like IMDB and see reviews by other users. Just be sure that you won’t read the spoilers.