Best 20 Trending Spotify Playlists In 2023

Trending Spotify Playlists

Hello playlist lovers, are you looking for trending Spotify playlists and can’t find it? so you are at the right place. In this article, we will be looking for the best 20 trending Spotify playlists in 2022 that you must listen to.

On Spotify, we will get a lot of playlists; but some Spotify playlists have meaningful trending tracks and everyone wants to listen to that playlist. Also, Spotify has some dedicated space on its streaming platform and regularly updated songs and assorted playlists.

In addition, Spotify also permits you to create your own playlist & allows you to share it among the Top Spotify playlist as well. Our trending Spotify list includes Spotify playlists as well as curator playlists too. So without wasting your time, let’s scroll the page and listen to it.

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Best 20 Trending Spotify Playlists In 2022

1 – Pop Rising

Speaking about the Pop Rising playlist, The Spotify playlist includes the hits of tomorrow that are on Spotify today.

2 – Discover Weekly

So guys, are you looking for weekly trending tracks, this is the weekly mixtape of fresh music for you. So, Enjoy new music and deep cuts picked for you. It Updates every Monday.

3 – Mega Hit Mix

A mega-hit mix playlist includes 75 favorite tracks from the last few years! One of the favorite trending playlists on Spotify.

4 – Today’s Top Hits

Today’s Top Hits has numerous popular tracks including many famous artists like Harry Styles, Steve Lacy, Lizzo, and many more. For you, Steve Lacy is on top of the Hottest 50 playlist!

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5 – K-Pop Rising

The Future K-Pop hits! a super-hit playlist available for you on Spotify It also includes Cover: THE BOYZ cover photo.

So guys, still you don’t get the right one? and are worried about that, so this is the better playlist for you, also, Harry Styles is leading the playlist.

This is one of the famous trending Spotify playlists if you love Hindi trending tracks. Every track you’re listening to/should be listening to.

8 – RapCaviar

RapCaviar, the best hip-hop playlist on Spotify for you. This playlist has Music from Drake, Offset, 42 Dugg, and many more.

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9 – New Music Friday

You don’t have to worry to find the latest tracks that are dropped recently. You just follow the “New Music Friday” Spotify playlist, this playlist gets edited weekly with freshly released pop music in one place. 

In this playlist, you will get hot & trending Instagram Reels songs of all time. It contains viral REELS tracks 2022 with Reels charts.

11 – Spotify’s Most Played All Time

Speaking about this playlist, It includes the most streamed tracks ever on Spotify! Cumulative playlist of songs – ordered by play count – that have at least 500 million streams. It has been updating since 2012 and seeks to be accurate. Enjoy!

12 – Gold School

Just like the name itself, this playlist is absolutely gold. Taking it way back with a cover of rapper Eminem.

13 – K-Pop Generations

If you are looking for an exhilarating and uplifting K-pop generation Spotify playlist, then nothing is better than this one. The playlist fully reverberates with its name and fits the same vibes. 

14 – Productive Morning

One of the best trending productive wake-up morning playlists for you, Get into a morning flow with this playlist. It includes a cheerful songs to lift your mood up.

15 – Top 100 Songs Of 2022(Best Hit Music Playlist)

The TOP 100 songs of 2022, a one-of-a-kind playlist to follow if you want to listen to songs that are very popular and in trend so this playlist is for you. 

16 – Relax & Unwind

Let your worries and cares slip away with Relax & unwind Spotify playlist.

17 – Walk Up Happy

So guys, Set the mood of your day with these wake-up happy songs. Take a moment of peace and stay mild, plug your headphones in and listen to it. This will release you from mental stress and show the silence that you dream of. 

18 – Mint

The world’s biggest dance super-hits are here now with new artwork. Get the recharged feeling with the latest mint tracks now. It updates regularly.  

19 – Dance Rising

Spotify tends to every listener with its famous and trending dancing music. So, If you are looking for a dancing Spotify playlist, then nothing is better than this one. You will get all the dancing popular tracks in this playlist.

20 – Top EDM Hits Of All Time

Definitely, this playlist deserves to be a best playlist for EDM music lovers. The top EDM Hits of all time include trending electronic best songs. The great thing about this playlist is, that it gets updated monthly.

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