Wedding Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts for Guests

Wedding Etiquette
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Here we go guys, in this article, we will be looking for Wedding Etiquette for guests. Weddings are just another opportunity to have fun, meet with old friends, drink champagne, dance without a care, and have good laughs before going back to the real world again. As good as the fairy tale event sounds, you should not be so caught up with the idea that you forget the basic etiquettes you should exhibit. 

The responsibility of attending a wedding is followed by other responsibilities. Although every wedding is unique, it’s still necessary to take some time to learn what can be expected of you in the lead-up to and on the day of the nuptials. Here are some of the basic Dos and Don’ts of a wedding party.

1 – DO Buy a Suitable Wedding Gift 

Remember to bring a present. The registry should always be used. Nowadays, most couples already have a lot of stuff, so gift registries are a terrific way to give the pair what they actually want. If you’re willing to purchase something, not on the register, make sure the couple will adore it.

Buy it early to make your gift look more unique when there are more options available. Otherwise, you might need to spend extra money on the rolling pin, dish towel, and garlic press set. One of the best Wedding Etiquette for guests.

2 – DON’T Bring a Guest Unannounced

We often want to bring our plus one so as not to get bored or just share the moment with them. However, it is only appropriate to bring them if the wedding invitation says you can. 

Remember that weddings are expensive, and expenses may increase quickly. Although it’s possible that the couple would adore the chance to extend a plus one for a few friends, the truth is that it can simply be beyond their financial means or the venue’s capacity.

You can safely assume there will be no plus ones if the wedding invitation is solely addressed to your name. The proper etiquette is to refrain from asking for an exception unless you believe there has been a genuine error (for instance, your partner of ten years!).

Keep in mind that any extra guest will cost a fee. Making uninformed assumptions about your plus ones and bringing a surprise visitor on the big day might put the newlyweds in an awkward situation, especially if the reception is a sit-down one and they haven’t planned a place setting or an extra meal.

3 – DO Arrive Early

One of the most crucial things you can do as a visitor is to be on time. While it could be OK for the bridal party to be fashionably late, it’s not appropriate for the guests to be! 

Everything on this day is scheduled, from the walk down the aisle to the cake cutting!  Make sure to get there at least 15 minutes before the ceremony’s start time. Build in a little extra travel time if you are unfamiliar with the location or venue to account for parking and getting lost.

4 – DON’T forget to mute your phone

Even though ‘Thinking out Loud –  Ed Sheeran’ is one of the best wedding songs, don’t ruin the couples’ day by interrupting their vows with Ed Sheeran. Also, you should enjoy the moment and not be distracted by a work call or a call you could take later. 

5 – DO Sit in the right place

Most times, there are specific spaces assigned to each guest. So, after you ensure you are not with an extra guest, locate your seat and sit there. If there are no assigned seats, you should sit on the correct side of the aisle. 

If you are with the bride, sit on the left side, and on the right if you are the groom’s guest. You can observe some social etiquette by introducing yourself and making conversations when you sit. 

6 – DON’T Ignore the Dress Code or Wear White

Nobody enjoys feeling overly or inadequately dressed in social settings. So keep in mind that dress rules aren’t intended to compel you to wear a particular look. They are there to help you feel at ease!

Having a dress code makes it easier for guests to select attire that fits the occasion’s mood. A black tie dress code, for instance, frequently goes well with formal settings, although a laid-back beach wedding can call for more casual wear.

Any suggestions for a sensible clothing code should also be noted. For instance, if the couple has advised women to wear flats, it is most likely because the wedding will take place on a grassy lawn. Or, if the location is notorious for being chilly in the evenings, the pair might suggest bringing a jacket to keep you warm and comfortable.

Also, except white is the dress code, you are not expected to wear white to the wedding party unless you are trying to steal the bride’s shine, which is inappropriate. And the founder of Style That Binds suggests that you should stay away from revealing or super sexy clothes. Respect yourself and the couple, and dress accordingly. 

7 – DO Let the Photographer do their jobs.

As every professional wedding photographer will tell you, well-intentioned guests pulling out their smartphones to record the event may utterly destroy ceremony photographs!

Keep your phone out of the picture unless the couple has specifically allowed you to do so; a professional photographer is there for a reason. One of the best Wedding Etiquette for guests. It is understandable that you want to capture when the bride is giving the groom the men’s wedding bands or when they are sharing their first kiss. But sure you don’t want to be that guest whose iPhone ruined their first kiss’s photo.

8 – DON’T Abuse Alcohol

We all know that everyone enjoys a few drinks and a wedding with an open bar. Be careful not to overdo it because no one enjoys the drunk person at a wedding. One of the finest things guests talk about after weddings are the meal. Observe serving sizes if there is an open bar and a buffet. Enjoy the food and beverages, but don’t abuse the situation. Keep it elegant. One of the best Wedding Etiquette for guests.


It is an honor to be invited to someone’s big day, and you should treat it as such. Take note of the proper wedding etiquette and incorporate it when you go to weddings and similar events. Of course, the parties differ, and so might the rules; this is why you should check out the wedding’s concept to determine the appropriate etiquette for each party.