Above & Beyond Releases New Album ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature’

Above & Beyond Flow State Healing With Nature
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English electronic music group, Above & Beyond has released their brand new album named ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature.’ Listen to the full album below.

After two years of the Flow State album, they returned with the second chapter of the album now. The album feature various sounds recorded from nature including, “Rain,” “Wind,” “Night” and “Winter” by melodics signature of Above & Beyond.

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The Group said, “As many of you know, last year I was very ill with covid-19. It was a traumatic experience. Over five, long weeks of isolation, I was anxious and afraid. Sometimes I wondered if I would make it through.

“I craved information, as we all did. I wanted to know what covid was and how the world was dealing with it. I was always checking the news, trying to understand what was happening. Over time, I came to realise that this was just making me more anxious and afraid.” They added.

“Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel to my forest hideout in Finland, where I could truly disconnect from the world’s happenings. I could heal in nature, away from it all. I stopped reading world news and instead of feeling disconnected, I found myself truly connected with nature, living a very simple life that felt more fulfilling each day.”

“Each day started with a morning meditation, and each day something amazing happened in nature. A spectacular ray of light, animals visiting, witnessing how nature came back to life after a cold and dark winter in the spring. The sound of rain on the lake, wind through the trees, birds singing beautiful, calming songs. And moments playing the piano in a trance-like flow state.”

“I began recording the sounds of nature at different times of the day and in different weather. I found these recordings healing, inspiring and calming. Taking them to my studio, I wanted to share this feeling with the world. So, I made these meditation tools to help others connect with nature, even those of us living a more urban lifestyle.”

“Now, after months of lockdowns and isolation, many of us have felt overwhelmed as we begin to return to social life. Meditation practice can offer a great opportunity to centre ourselves. It’s helped me to get through all of this, and could maybe help you too.”

“I hope you find Elena’s talk inspiring, and enjoy these meditative ambiences. See which meditation feels good for you, and transport yourself to mother nature for a short time each day.”

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Above & Beyond Releases New Album ‘Flow State: Healing With Nature’

Flow State Healing With Nature Out Now! Like This Track? Stream & Download The Full Album By Clicking Here.