Indian Singer, Alka Yagnik Become Most Streamed Artist On YouTube

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Indian playback singer, Alka Yagnik has become the most streamed artist on YouTube. She surpassed international artists like BTS and Taylor Swift.

Alka Yagnik has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the third year in a row. She was the most streamed singer of 2022, beating even the world’s biggest singers like Taylor Swift, Drake, and Beyonce. 

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As per a report on the Guinness Book of World Records, Alka’s songs recorded 15.3 billion streams, an average of 42 million streams per day. And she achieved this feat in the last two years as well. She had 17 billion streams in 2021 and 16.6 billion in 2020.

The list would come as a surprise for not even millionaire singers have been able to record such numbers. BTS (7.95 billion) and BLACKPINK (7.03 billion) both made the top ten, while The Weeknd (5.7 billion) took13th spot; Taylor Swift (4.33 billion) was 26th; and Drake (2.9 billion) was 50th.

In an earlier interview with Hindustan Times, Alka had said,

“Playback singing is not as easy as it seems. You are singing for a character and your song should make it easy for the actor to emote and shouldn’t make it difficult for them. It is also a challenge for a playback singer to adapt to the different style of each composer. But then having achieved that, nothing compares to the happiness of a composer telling you that your singing perfectly adapts to their styles.”

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Indian Singer, Alka Yagnik Become Most Streamed Artist On YouTube