Ariana Grande Discloses Upcoming Album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Full Tracklist

Ariana Grande Eternal Sunshine Tracklist
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American singer and actress, Ariana Grande has disclosed her upcoming album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ full tracklist. Check out the tracklist below.

She shared the tracklist via Instagram, “ten days,” she wrote in her caption. The video features the Eternal Sunshine tracklist handwritten on a piece of paper, with what appears to be lyrics from the LP jotted around the border. “I’ll hold your hurt in a box here beside me,” reads one, while another asks, “If the sun refused to shine, baby would I still be your lover?”

The 13-track tracklist features:

  1. Intro (ends of the World)
  2. Bye
  3. Don’t Wanna Break Up Again
  4. Saturn Returns Interlude
  5. Eternal Sunshine
  6. Supernatural
  7. True Story
  8. The Boy is Mine
  9. Yes. and?
  10. We Can’t Be Friends (Waint for your love)
  11. I Wish I Hated You
  12. Imperfect for You
  13. Ordinary Things” feat. Nonna

The seventh album is scheduled for release on March 8.

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Ariana Grande Discloses Full Upcoming Album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’ Tracklist