Badshah Officially Releases Part 1 Of Album, “Retropanda”

Retropanda Badshah
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Indian rapper & singer, Badshah has officially released part 1 of his new album, “Retropanda.” Listen to the full album below.

The album, “Retropanda” – Part 1 is featuring 4 tracks including, Tabahi, Chamkeela Chehra, Hosh, & Jugnu. Also, collaborated with, Tamannaah, Aastha Gill, & Nikhita Gandhi.

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Badshah’s album ‘Retropanda’ is a marvelous music world where we would be encounter thoughtful memories and an intense paradigm of attachment. The album is a pilgrimage that revolves us across two-time spans within the whole audio-visual adventure.

The music will be a nostalgia-inducing trip as the prowling Synthwave sounds inspired by the 1980s are given a level of high intensity that makes them feel current.

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Badshah Officially Releases Part 1 Of Album, “Retropanda”

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