Bandcamp Announced New Ticketed Live Stream Service

Bandcamp Live Stream Service
Via Bandcamp.com

The Internet music company, Bandcamp has announced a new ticketed live stream service that makes it easy for artists to perform for and connect with their fans.

Bandcamp New Ticketed Live Stream Service

According to the Bandcamp press article, “the new service is easy for artists to perform, and connect with their fans, and for fans to directly support the artists they love.

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They added, “Bandcamp Live is simple to set up, even if you’ve never streamed before, and is fully integrated with the rest of Bandcamp. This has several benefits: we automatically notify your fans when you announce a show, it’s easy to buy a ticket since so many people already have a Bandcamp account and saved credit card, and new buyers become your followers (and have the option to join your mailing list). You can also showcase your music and merchandise right alongside your stream in a virtual merch table.”

They continued, “Finally, pricing is completely transparent. We don’t pretend our ticketing service is free and then surprise your fans with a “convenience fee” when they check out. You set your ticket price to whatever you want, and that’s what your fans are charged. Our fee is 10%, and we’re waiving it entirely until March 31st, 2021.”

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Additionally, it features optional chat where your followers can focus on the show, and also you (or your chosen moderators) can have interaction along with your group. Purchases from the merch desk seem in chat, driving extra gross sales.