“Im good,” Says Bebe Rexha, Attacker Arrested

Bebe Attacker Arrested
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American singer, Bebe Rexha has revealed her facial injuries photos after having phone thrown at her, and her attacker arrested. Check out the post below.

The incident took place at a concert in New York on Sunday night. Someone throws their phone from the crowd and the phone hits Rexha on the face, who then collapses on her knees to the stage floor. Crew members are seen rushing out to help her.

The “I’m Mess” singer shared her injured photo via social media and says, “Im good”. Also, In a TikTok video, Rexha takes off a pair of dark sunglasses revealing a bruised eye while singing her song ‘Im Good (Blue)’. The video’s caption read: “I’m okay you guys.”

The man who threw the phone at Rexha was arrested at the show following the event. According to The Washington Post, the attacker, identified as Nicolas Malvagna of Manalapan, N.J., was arrested at the concert and charged with assault. The 27-year-old man “intentionally threw a cellphone” at the singer, police said in a statement.

“Im good,” Says Bebe Rexha, Attacker Arrested