BTS Shares New Mobile Game Trailer ‘BTS Universe Story’

BTS Universe Story
Via Youtube

Korean boy band group, BTS and Netmarble have shared a 10 minute long new mobile game trailer named ‘BTS Universe Story.’ Watch the full trailer below.

The trailer features all seven members of the group, as both live action and animated portrayals. The clip additionally features previously released scenes from the game’s idea artwork teaser, which was dropped in August 2019. Numerous scenes within the clip additionally reference BTS’ music videos, like ‘Run’ and ‘I Need U’.

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According to the game’s official website, BTS Universe Story game will probably be released on iOS and Android on September 24. it’s an interactive storytelling game that allows gamers to make decisions with a view to resolve narrative outcomes.

Gamers can even purchase an unique outfit if they select to pre-register both on the Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The game may also feature further modes, such as “Story Creation”, where gamers can form their very own narratives with in-built tools and “Collection” where gamers can dress BTS members up in various garments and equipment.

Last year (June) the group starred in BTS World, additionally developed by Netmarble, where the players assumed the position of BTS’ manager and explored every member’s private lives prior to their debut as a group.

BTS New Mobile Game Trailer ‘BTS Universe Story’

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Last month, BTS released a brand new colorful video named ‘DYNAMITE‘. In the video, we can see all the members of BTS dancing alone in multiple sets – in bedroom, in a diner, in a record store – before dancing across an array of glossy, technicolor backdrops. 

Big Hit Entertainment (BTS’ record label) announced that the new BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concert tour will take place this year. Also, BTS could be dropping their next album in the fourth quarter of 2020 between October-December.