BTS’ V Surprisingly Announce New Single ‘Type 1,’ Share Artwork

V Type 1
Via Pinterest

K-pop group, BTS’ V has surprisingly announced his upcoming new single ‘Type 1’ release date. Check out the announcement below.

Officially it’s not immediately clear that the announcement is for a song or an album. The new release will be released on July 9.

BTS shared the news via social media and also included a steamy cover photo that features a shirtless V leaning against a wall, with his hand grabbing the waistband of his pants. “I still wonder wonder beautiful story/ Still wonder wonder best part/ I still wonder wonder next story/ I want to make you mine,” the text on the photo reads in white script.

Back in March, V released his first post-military enlistment single, “FRI(END)S,” which was written entirely in English.

previously confirmed that he had banked a few record to release during his time away, writing in a December statement that he’d “prepared a lot of things” for the 18 months. “I will miss you so much,” he penned at the time, as translated to English. “Actually, I’m really sad that I can’t make happy memories with my ARMY for the time being […] it’s the hardest not to see the ARMY.”

BTS’ V Surprisingly Announce New Single ‘Type 1,’ Share Artwork