‘Chhota Rafi’ From Kozhikode Is Breaking The Internet

chhota rafi saurav kisha

Our country is full of talent that is just waiting to be recognized and brought to the forefront. One such boy is Saurav Kishan from Kozhikode who is now being called ‘Chhota Rafi’. This 23 year old is breaking the internet with his voice as it bears resemblance to the late legendary Bollywood singer, Mohammad Rafi.

Twitter user, Judish Raj, shared a video of him singing which immediately caught people’s attention

Twitter users are mesmerized with his voice and are leaving no stone unturned to applaud his talent

Even Anand Mahindra, billionaire businessman and Chairman of the Mahindra group, couldn’t help but appreciate this talented boy and retweeted the video. He says “We have been waiting for decades for a new Mohammed Rafi. It sounds as if we may have to wait no longer… I couldn’t switch this clip off..

Replying to this retweet one user comments “Wish he had born 20+ years ago…his talent would have gotten real recognition. In today’s world where music is being insulted in the name of “auto-tune” singers and rap composers, there is hardly any place for such a real and pure talent. Sonu Nigam would have love this though

Saurav Kishan is studying medicine in China. On speaking to ScoopWhoop about his journey he says that he was always surrounded by music and used to hum since the age of 4. While participating in music competitions, Rafi Sahib’s songs were a part of his repertoire.

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