Courtney Barnett To Release New Instrumental Album ‘End Of The Day’

Courtney Barnett End Of The Day
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Australian singer, and songwriter, Courtney Barnett to release a new instrumental album titled ‘End Of The Day’ soon. Check out the post below.

Courtney Barnett’s next album won’t feature any vocals it’s all instrumental. The album will be released on 8th September via Milk! Records, and will be one of the final releases on the label, which will wrap-up at the end of 2023.

She says, “My new record End Of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club) will be released on 8th September! This is an instrumental album comprised of 17 improvisations in collaboration with Stella Mozgawa. These pieces were originally composed as part of the score to the documentary by Danny Cohen and later reworked to make a more cohesive album. I have released three tracks today, Start Somewhere, Life Balance and First Slow, which are available to stream now, alongside a visual accompaniment directed by film-maker Claire Vogel.”

You can listen to these tracks in full and pre-order the End Of The Day vinyl now at the link.

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“End Of The Day” tracklist:

  • Start Somewhere
  • Life Balance
  • First Slow
  • A to B
  • (Electricity)
  • Two Circles Reflecting
  • End Of The Day
  • Floating Down
  • Spring Ascends
  • Intro
  • B to C
  • Like Water
  • Gold Room
  • Sun Through
  • River
  • Get On With It
  • Eternity Repeat

Courtney Barnett To Release New Instrumental Album ‘End Of The Day’