Diplo Announces First Ambient Album Out Next Week

One By One Diplo
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Thomas Wesley Pentz, professionally known as DJ Diplo, has announced that, he is going to release first ever ambient album named MMXX (2020),’ next week. Check out the post below.

The full ambient album will drop on Sept. 4. The five of the tracks he released now on the app here. The album is featuring 12 tracks with the likes of Lunice, Good Times Ahead, Rhye, and Mikky Ekko, with each of the track titles given a roman numeral corresponding to its track number.

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Diplo shared the artwork of the upcoming album via Facebook and wrote that “First all the flights got canceled then schools, restaurants and shops closed.. slowly people or their family members got sick and lost their jobs and eventually we regained some normalcy but it was through the American way…

“Awake up to the racial problems that don’t wait for a pandemic to slow down and in return protests and riots carried on as a last resort in search of some kind of change. Some kind of realization made us feel normal. I think it was a reaction to all the anxiety that we had to deal with this year. 2020 was fucked.” He added.

“We’re only 3/4s thru.. who knows when the aliens are going to arrive,” he continued, “This album is the only music I made this year. it’s called 2020. “MMXX” it’s about being here this year. For me, it’s all I had inside me. I didn’t want to have zoom sessions, I didn’t want to write pop songs. I was just stuck in my house with keyboards and a guitar I barely ever used.

“I would walk outside Los Angeles and see empty streets and see nervous people and this is what I heard .. but to me, this year isn’t dark it’s not about the negative. it’s about hope. We are all going to remember we did it together and remember what we take from it…” Read the full statement below.

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Diplo Announces First Ambient Album Out Next Week

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