Divine Returns With New Album ‘Gunehgar’ Ft. Armani White, Noizy & More

Gunehgar Album Divine
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Indian rapper and producer, Divine has returned with a new album named ‘Gunehgar’ featuring Armani White, Noizy & More. Listen to the full album below.

The album tracklist, “GUNGHGAR” features 13 tracks including one Bonus track:

  1. Gunehgar
  2. Baazigar Ft. Armani White
  3. Traffic Jam Ft. Jadakiss
  4. Sitara Ft. Jonita
  5. Bornfire Ft. Russ
  6. Plush
  7. Bhook
  8. Street Lori Ft. Wazir Patar
  9. Hitman
  10. Akela
  11. Flex Kar
  12. Blessing Ft. Noizy
  13. ……..

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“‘Gunehgar’ is the start of a revolution. I’m going to take that appetite and passion of mine for desi hip hop to unimaginable heights and I hope you are ready!” the rapper said in a statement. “As the year draws to a close, this (album) is my humble gift to my community and my fans, who have waited so long for a music release!.”

Divine Returns With New Album ‘Gunehgar’ Ft. Armani White, Noizy & More

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  • Speaking about the track, ‘Street Lori,’ it literally translates to ‘a lullaby for the streets’, but in no way is this energy-filled banger a track that the streets can sleep on. DIVINE collaborates with one of the hottest artists out of Punjab ‘Wazir Patar’, who is also fresh off his India tour which was produced by DIVINE’s Gully Gang. The two are deeply influenced by 90s Hip-Hop and they come together to create a banger for the ages.
  • The track Bhookh is the motivational best. The rapper taps into his fierce lyrical self as he delivers powerful, ambition-filled bars that have the potential to pierce hearts and light a fire in anyone. An anthem in its truest sense, Bhookh is sure to fuel your grind.
  • In Sitara, DIVINE and veteran singer Jonita Gandhi brings out the fireworks on this pop banger. Jonita’s energetic and fresh vocal performance intertwined with DIVINE’s wordplay and husky vocal texture give us a unique sound. A love anthem that will resonate with ambitious young couples across the world, motivating them to build a great life together.
  • In Bornfire, DIVINE collaborating with ‘Russ’ has been a long time coming and they join hands to create a true earworm of a track. Russ, who is fresh off his first India tour is one of the biggest rappers in the world and is known for his consistency and versatility. Bonfire is a vibey track about infatuation and love, and a dance-worthy track that is sure to be on a loop across playlists globally. A track that every listener will end up humming uncontrollably.
  • Coming to the track traffic jam, The track was conceptualized when DIVINE was stuck in an actual traffic jam on the roads of New York. A gritty track with a dark soundscape and a grungy instrumental makes it a true ‘underground’ anthem in every sense of the word. And who better to bring on such a track than Hip-Hop legend, Jadakiss, who is also one of DIVINE’s early influences? The New York rapper is a true OG and is considered by most a ‘Top 5’ rapper of all time.
  • In Baazigar, Alka Yagnik’s impeccable vocals make an unforeseen appearance on the second track from ‘Gunehgar’, as producer Karan Kanchan samples ‘Bazigar o bazigar’. And as the duo did on Satya, they make yet another rap banger out of a classic Bollywood tune. Armani White, the ‘Billie Eilish’ hitmaker hops on the track and to no surprise drops a stylish verse as his smooth vocal delivery serves as a delightful contrast to DIVINE aggressive and rugged vocals.
  • In the track, Push, DIVINE raps about his mindstate and mentality as he raps – ‘Flower nahi fire hai par Pushpa nai’, referencing Allu Arjun’s famous dialogue. Using references, he contrasts his past with his present, also referring to the fact that he just attended Grammy’s with the legend ‘Nas’.
  • In Hitman, DIVINE is an ardent follower of the Indian cricket team and hence he refers to the Indian Captain ‘Rohit Sharma’, who is lovingly referred to as ‘Hitman’ by his fans. DIVINE draws parallels between Rohit’s highly skilled game and his own rapping ability. The track is a proclamation of DIVINE prowess both as a rapper and an influence on culture in general. DIVINE further solidifies his position on the throne.
  • A track true to its name, ‘Flex Kar’ sees DIVINE flexing on what he has achieved through his 10+ year grind in the rap game. While most rappers would stop at this on a flex track, DIVINE encourages his listeners to flex their achievements too. He continues to serve as inspiration for ambitious minds across the country as he not only aims to talk about his own achievements but also encourages each listener to look back on their own journey and be proud of where they are.
  • DIVINE concludes the album on a grateful note as he acclaims ‘Shukar hai chase Kiya passion’ (Thank god I chased my passion). Blessings are ‘blessed’ with a verse from Albanian rap sensation ‘Noizy’, he performs his bilingual verse in a smooth melodic tone which serves as the perfect note to close the album with.