Dolly Parton Reveals Family Album “Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables”

Smoky Mountain DNA Dolly Parton
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The ‘Powerful Women’ singer, Dolly Parton has revealed the family album “Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables.” Check out the artwork below.

The forthcoming musical and visual album, Dolly Parton & Family: Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables. will be released on Nov. 15.

“I cannot believe that it has been 60 years this month since I graduated from Sevier County High School and moved to Nashville to pursue my dreams,” Parton shared in a statement. “My Uncle Bill Owens was by my side for many years helping me develop my music. I owe so much to him and all the family members past and present who have inspired me along this journey. I am honored to spotlight our families’ musical legacy that is my Smoky Mountain DNA.”

The album could feature tracks up to 40 songs and will highlight the legacy of the Parton’s paternal Parton family, and her mother’s family, the Owens, by tracing the families’ journey from the United Kingdom in the 1600s to their home in East Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains.

The album is produced by Parton’s cousin Richie Owens and will feature several members of Parton’s immediate and extended family, and will also include the voices of some of her beloved family members who have passed on, as well as contributions from today’s generation.

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Dolly Parton Reveals Family Album “Smoky Mountain DNA – Family, Faith & Fables”