Drake Reacts to Kendrick Lamar Diss With New Song “The Heart Part 6” – Listen Here

The Heart Part 6 Drake
Via Youtube

The ‘God’s Plan’ singer and rapper, Drake has reacted to Kendrick Lamar’s diss with a new song titled “The Heart Part 6.” Listen to the full song below.

Drake’s track replies to the two singles Lamar released over the weekend, Friday’s late-night “Meet the Grahams” and Saturday’s “Not Like Us.” “And we know you’re dropping 6 mins after so instead of posting my address you have a lot to address,” he wrote on Instagram

Drake’s previously released diss track, “Family Matters,” Last Friday (May 3). At the time, he was reacting to Lamar’s successive “Euphoria” and “6:16 in LA.” 

“And why isn’t Whitney denying all of the allegations/ Why is she following Dave Free and not Mr. Morale/ You haven’t seen the kids in six months, the distance is wild/ Dave leaving heart emojis underneath pics of the child,” he raps.

The 6 God then changed focus to debunk claims of pedophilia made by Lamar in previous tracks such as “Meet the Grahams” and “Not Like Us.”

“Speaking of anything with a child, let’s get to that now/ This Epstein angle was the shit I expected/ TikTok videos you collected and dissected/ Instead of being on some dis-direct s–t/ You rather f—ing grab your pen and misdirect s–t,” he contests.

He continued later into “The Heart Part 6” referencing his friendship with 20-year-old Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. “Only f—–g with Whitney’s, not Millie Bobby Brown’s, I’d never look twice at no teenager,” Drizzy declares.

Drake Reacts to Kendrick Lamar Diss With New Song “The Heart Part 6” – Listen Here