Eminem To Release New Single ‘Houdini’ Soon

Eminem Houdini
Via Youtube

Surprise fans, the ‘Rap God’ singer and rapper, Eminem to release a new single ‘Houdini’ soon. Check out the teaser video below.

In the teaser video, Eminem shared via Instagram, he come up with Blaine on FaceTime to ask for his help. “Yo, listen, I need your help with something,” the rapper says. “Yeah, whatever you need,” Blaine replies. “Well first of all, I just want you to know you’re the greatest to ever do it,” Eminem says, to which Blaine responds: “We should do something together one time.”

“What I was wondering is, how far can we go with this magic? Can we do a stunt or something?” Eminem asks. Blaine then holds a glass of red wine from a nearby cafe and moves to down the wine before grinding into the glass itself, prompting gasps from onlookers as the glass crashes into his mouth.

“Well for my last trick,” Eminem says in response, “I’m gonna make my career disappear.”

“Wait, what?” Blaine says with glass shards still in his mouth, before the screen goes black except for this message: “‘Houdini’ 5.31.24.”

Recently, Eminem announced his new album “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce).” Maybe the track will be a part of this album.

Eminem To Release New Single ‘Houdini’ Soon