Emiway Bantai Drops ‘ROUND ONE’ Aggressive Hip Hop Track – Listen Here

emiway banati
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Indian hip hop artist Emiway Bantai has dropped his aggressive hip hop track called ‘Round One.’ – Watch the full video below.

Round One‘ is sung and produced by Emiway Bantai, Music given by Pendo46, Edited by Emiway and Happy, the track is released on his own channel Emiway Bantai. In the track, Emiway is looking very aggressive, with killer video visuals by Vbreak. The camera performance of Emiway Bantai in this video is just amazing he is looking very confident in front of the camera.

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In the track, we can taste the subliminal diss lines towards other rap artists like Raftaar, Divine, or kr$na. We don’t sure now because Emiway didn’t introduce the names. But in Rap culture, we can’t add diss flavor in every subliminal line.

“I kill ma enemy one round
Fighting everybody one mouth
Motherfuckers trynna put me down
Get ready for shutdown (x4)”
“Do uh Know my Background
Youtube is my platform
Makin f**kin money out of it
Yes I can stand strong
Even audio platforms
Let’s Put the facts on
Haters won’t be satisfied coz
They can’t last long
game strong
I just make songs
With no brakes on
Have some patience all my haters
Yes it does Take long
Motto Keep grinding every day
Real name Shaikh Mohd Billal
Stage name Emiway”

Listen Emiway Bantai ‘ROUND ONE’

Recently, Emiway and Divine come to Instagram Live together and ended this beef. Both rappers sorted out their problems and spread love as well as unity. When Emiway Releases diss track ‘Hard’ there is a line in the hook of that song which contains ‘Merry Christmas’ and that is not good in a religious way and same Divine Comments on Emiway’s Live video that this is not good.

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After that Emiway gives a call to Divine and has a conversation that he used ‘Merry Christmas’ in hook only for Rhyming’s purpose not to hurt his religion. Then they sort out all problems. Both the artist not interested in promoting the diss culture and hate. Read full article by clicking here.