Emiway & Prznt Drops New Hip Hop Track ‘LONELY’

Emiway Prznt LONELY

The Indian hip hop artist, Emiway Bantai has teamed up with Prznt for the brand new desi hip hop track named ‘LONELY.’ Watch the full video below.

This is really massive track by Emiway, and also very heart touching song, the rhyming of both the artist are matching, no overlapping between them. When the rumors were coming about his next collab, Mufaad, tech9 name comes, but it was not confirmed that time. Now the track has released and this time he collaborated with Prznt. Know more about the track, listen the full song here.

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The track, ‘Lonely‘ is sung and lyrics are given by Prznt & Emiway Bantai, produced by Vodli, Mix/Master & Edited by Prznt & Emiway, Visuals by – Happy and released at his own Youtube channel.

Emiway & Prznt New Hip Hop Track ‘LONELY’

Prznt starts the track with this line, “Lookin’ At My Rear View Mirror / Think How I’m Gone / Thought You Would’ve Caught Up On / But Now I Feel It Inside / I Can’t Give Bitches No More Time / Live Your Own Lie / I Let Myself In / She Take Me Right In / On My Own Grind”

After that, Emiway joins middle the song and sing, “Tu Boli Thi Chhod Ke Nahi Jayegi / Mauka Jab Hoga Tab Haq Se Nibhayegi / Fatt Se Bhgayegi Aisa Nahi Socha Tha / Akela Pan Mehsoos / Hota Tab Rota Tha / Pyaar Pe Mukhauta Tha / Jo Hua Hona Tha Kande Pe Sona Tha / Meri Maddona Tha”

Stream and download his full song by clicking here.

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two month ago, Emiway dropped his aggressive hip hop track called ‘Round One,’ then recently he released his desi hop hop track ‘KAUN HAI YE.’ And also he just got his new achievement, he received his new award which is Youtube Diamond Creator Award also known as Youtube Diamond Play Button.