Enter Shikari Release Charity Live Album ‘The Last Spark’ – Stream Here

Enter Shikari Release Charity Live Album ‘The Last Spark’ - Stream Here
Enter Shikari Release Charity Live Album ‘The Last Spark’ - Stream Here

British rock band Enter Shikari has released its new charity live album named ‘The Last Spark (Bootleg Series Vol. 11).‘ – Stream the full album below.

The full album is available at http://www.entershikari.com/store ONLY, for a pay-what-you-want with all proceeds going to our trusty and loved roadcrew, who have suffered from COVID-19-related cancelled touring / festival in recent months.

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Frontman Rou Reynolds said, “Some of our crew have been with us since 2006, They’re our family, and make us look and sound good, often under difficult circumstances. The least we can do is try to support them during this difficult time.

“We would have liked to have done something for them sooner,” he added, “but mixing the audio on this took us longer than expected, and they wouldn’t appreciate us rushing out shoddy art in their name.

“The Brussels AB is one of the best venues in the world and one that has always been good to us on the many times we’ve played there. We’re happy to finally be able to capture a show from there on tape.”

Enter Shikari Charity Live Album ‘The Last Spark’

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  1. Intro (The Spark)
  2. The Sights
  3. Step Up
  4. Labyrinth
  5. Arguing With Thermometers
  6. Rabble-Rouser
  7. Hectic
  8. Gap In The Fence
  9. Shinrin-Yoku
  10. The Revolt Of The Atoms
  11. There’s A Price On Your Head
  12. Gandhi Mate, Gandhi / Mothership / Insomnia
  13. Havoc B
  14. Airfield
  15. Undercover Agents
  16. No Sleep Tonight / Stop The Clocks
  17. The Quickfire Round: Sorry You’re Not a Winner / The Last Garrison / …Meltdown / Anaesthetist [Reso Remix]
  18. Take My Country Back [Acoustic]
  19. Juggernauts
  20. Live Outside
  21. Outro (The Embers)

Enter Shikari’s online store now also features a charity tab where fans can purchase special items to raise money for “various charitable causes”.