Band Pavement’s First Drummer, Gary Young Died at 70

Gary Young Died
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American musician and music producer best known as the original drummer of the indie rock band Pavement, Gary Young died at 70.

Pavement has confirmed the news with a lengthy statement following Gary Young’s death.

“He was made to play drums in rock and roll bands. He came from the “Keith Moon school of drummers”. It’s an unofficial school. But, Gary graduated from it with honors,” they wrote.

“To us and all who knew him, he was a fearless fireball. His enthusiasm for playing live music was relentless and unrepentant. He was the best storyteller we’ve known and a unique judge of character.”

“Gary loved tension. He wanted to make people excited and anxious. He accomplished both. We embraced him and he taught us myriads of things that we never thought about. He was an educator. In ways, we were his apprentices.”

“Without Gary, many people would not have noticed us. In all of the best ways, he was a freak-show. He was magnetic. He was magical. He was dangerous. We could think of him as an uncle, an older brother that none of us had. But he was a rare breed called Gary aka The Rotting Man.”

Pavement concluded: “Love you Gary. We’re sure you’re doing handstands off of roofs, biting high hat cymbals, fake drowning at the bottom of your pool and dodging rocks glasses and police-fired bullets aimed at your head. Never fear. The Plant Man lives on every time Pavement steps on a stage and will continue to do so.”

They are best known as the original drummer of the indie rock band Pavement from its inception in 1989 until his departure in 1993.

Gary Young was with Pavement from 1989 until 1993, but would reunite with the band to play two shows in 2010. During his time with band, Young performed on four EPs – 1989’s ‘Slay Tracks (1933-1969)’, 1990’s ‘Demolition Plot J-7’, 1991’s ‘Perfect Sound Forever’ and 1992’s ‘Watery, Domestic’ – and the band’s celebrated debut album, 1992’s ‘Slanted and Enchanted’.

Band Pavement’s First Drummer, Gary Young Died at 70