Gippy Grewal Finally Releases New Album ‘The Main Man’ Ft. BOHEMIA Karan Aujla & More

Gippy Grewal The Main Man
Via Youtube

Punjabi actor & singer, Gippy Grewal finally released his new album named ‘The Main Man‘ featuring BOHEMIA, Karan Aujla, Jass Manak, Deep Jandu & more. Listen to the full album below.

The album ‘The Main Man‘ features 13 new songs including previously released track, ‘ASK THEM‘ ft. Karan Aujla & ‘AYEN KIVEN‘ Ft. Amrit Maan. Gippy Grewal announced the news of his album on 31st May, this time his album has an amazing story lineup.

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he has teamed up with talented musical artists including, BOHEMIA, Karan Aujla, Jass Manak, Deep Jandu, Gurlej Akhtar, Shipra Goyal, Afsana Khan, & Amrit Maan for this brand new album. Also, he released the album on his second son’s birthday as he mentions on his Instagram handle.

Gippy Grewal New Album ‘The Main Man’

Gippy Grewal Full Album ‘The Main Man’ Out Now! Like This Album? Stream & Download The Full Album By Clicking Here.

Check out the full tracklist here.

  1. Sharaab – Gippy Grewal, Gurlez Akhtar
  2. Jhanjra – Gippy Grewal
  3. Gun Te Gulab – Gippy Grewal
  4. Tere Ala Jatt – Gippy Grewal, Shipra Goyal
  5. Jatta Ve – Gippy Grewal
  6. Naam Jatt Da – Gippy Grewal Ft. Jass Manak
  7. 2 Seater – Gippy Grewal, Afsana Khan
  8. Piche Piche – Gippy Grewal Ft. BOHEMIA
  9. Vailpuna – Gippy Grewal, Afsana Khan
  10. Aish AA – Gippy Grewal
  11. Fark – Gippy Grewal
  12. Ask Them – Gippy Grewal Ft. Karan Aujla
  13. AYEN KIVEN – Gippy Grewal Ft.Amrit Maan

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Meanwhile, In track ‘AYEN KIVEN’ Ft. Amrit Maan , Gippy Grewal’s characters are looking like Punjabi gangster with Amrit Maan, both the artists go to take revenge for some issue and helps innocent people. They use amazing luxury cars in the video, like Hummer, Jeep, etc. 

In second song, “Ask Them“, The video starts with a different mix of Punjabi beats, with Gippy inside the casino waiting for his friend to play casino games. He looks very rich in the video, wins a game and one of his friends shoots the opposite player who loses the game.