‘Google Currents’ To Rebranded Google+ For Enterprise Users On July 6

'Google Currents' To Rebranded Google+ For Enterprise Users On July 6
'Google Currents' To Rebranded Google+ For Enterprise Users On July 6

Google announced that the G Suite version of the ill-fated social network will be rebranded as ‘Google Currents‘.

Google has finally closed its social media attempt. Now, more than a year later, the company has introduced that the brand new service will probably be officially launched on July 6. The ‘Currents’ branding may also be launched to the existing Google+ apps on Android and iOS, the company stated.

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In April 2019, when Google+ was shuttered, the company said that the new tool would allow “people to have meaningful discussions and interactions across your organization, helping keep everyone in the know and giving leaders the opportunity to connect with their employees.”

In an e-mail to G Suite administrators on Thursday, Google said that “After Currents becomes generally available on July 6, 2020, your users and all of your organization’s existing Google+ content will be automatically transitioned to Currents. It may take up to 5 days for Currents to rollout to your organization.”

“There will not be any downtime for users during this transition. Additionally, the new Currents mobile app will replace the Google+ iOS and Android mobile apps, which will no longer be supported. After July 6, 2020, it will not be possible to opt out of Currents or revert back to Google+.”

‘Google Currents’ To Rebranded Google+

The Google+ app, on iOS and Android, is predicted to be up to date with the Currents branding. Existing plus.google.com links will continue to work, however, it will redirect to currents.google.com URLs. As Google reaches additional into the workplace collaboration area, Microsoft is doing the same with online paperwork.

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Google shut down the consumer version of Google+ in 2018, citing low utilization. The choice followed the invention of an essential security vulnerability in one among its ‘People APIs’. The flaw is said to have existed since 2015. It reportedly exposed a non-public user-data of about half a million of its  customers to third-party developers. 

In accordance with Google, the bug may need leaked essential data, including gender, age, occupation, and email IDs of many users.

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