Grimes Fight With Bella Poarch On New Music Video Song, “Dolls”

Dolls Bella Poarch
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Filipino-American singer, Bella Poarch has released a new song named “Dolls.” It comes with a music video directed by Andrew Donoho, and created by Poarch.

The co-star featured in the music video includes Dream, Grimes, Valkyrae, Chloe Cherry, Ludwig, Mizkif, Hasanabi, Sykkuno, Larray, Miyoung, Bretman Rock, and Madison Beer.

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On August 12, Bella Poarch will release her debut EP, also called Dolls, via Warner. She worked on the EP with Sub Urban.

She sings, “Oh, don’t I look nice, batting my eyes, isn’t it pure perfection? / Cute, think I’m polite, stereotype, got your full attention / Think that you can play with me, you better watch your back / The last thing that you’ll hear will be my laugh (Haha, yeah)”

In a statement about the new song, Poarch said, “‘Dolls’ is all about self-empowerment and confidence.” She continued, “It’s a follow up to my song ‘Build a Bitch’ but it stands out on its own as well by being gentle but fierce, beautiful but deadly. The importance of helping one another while also not letting anyone make you feel weak or worthless.”

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Grimes Fight With Bella Poarch On New Music Video Song, “Dolls”

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