Guitarist, Jem Targal Died At 74

Jem Targal Died
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American bass guitarist, singer & co-founder of the rock group Third Power, Jem Targal has died at the age of 74.

Jem Targal was born in 1947 in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the University of Michigan Hospital. He attended Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where he met Drew Abbott. In 1969 they would form Third Power with drummer Jim Craig.

Jem Targal confirmed the news via Facebook and wrote that “To all of you beautiful people, I am so sorry to say the words…Jem has played his final song and passed last night. He did not suffer and was loving and cheerful till the end.

“If you are on his Facebook we have probably heard awesome stories about you and really appreciate all of the love and support you have all shown through the years. Truly, thank you. He loved you all. He was our inspiration, a husband, father, grandfather, brother and friend.

The father of the Junglebirdy, member of the power trio Third Power, creator of the Luckey Guy album and countless other amazing art and music creations. He was our Jem, he shined bright, lived and loved out loud. We will miss you Dad. If you could please share some of your ***JEM*** stories with us that would be wonderful. Thank you all for being such a bright spot in his life !!!CONTACT!!! ALRIGHT!!! YEAH-YEAH!!”

Guitarist, Jem Targal Died At 74