Goblin Founder & Guitarist, Massimo Morante Died At 70

Massimo Morante Died
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Goblin Founder & Italian Guitarist, Massimo Morante died at the age of 70. The group confirmed the news “with a heavy heart” in a Facebook post.

The rock band says, “Con estremo dolore e incredulita’ siamo costretti ad annunciare che oggi Massimo Morante, fondatore e insostituibile chitarrista dei Goblin, ci ha lasciato.”
In English, “Goblin announces with a heavy heart and in total disbelief the passing of founder and guitar master Massimo Morante.”

His daughter, Valerie paid respects to her father and announced the funeral would take place this weekend in Rome. “It is with indescribable pain, a pain that trumps words, that breaks the breath and hammer the heart, that I announce the death of my father, Massimo Morante,” she wrote on Facebook. “For anyone who would like to give him the last goodbye, the funeral will take place on Saturday 25th June at 10.30 at the Church of Artists in Piazza del Popolo (Rome).”

Massimo Morante was an Italian musician who was the guitar player for the Italian progressive rock band Goblin. Goblin provided soundtracks for several horror films, including Dario Argento’s Deep Red and Suspiria, and George A.

Goblin Founder & Guitarist, Massimo Morante Died At 70