Watch How Prateek Kuhad Make His Latest Hit Song ‘Kasoor’

Shehron Ke Raaz Prateek Kuhad

Indian singer-songwriter, Prateek Kuhad has shared his experience for his latest song ‘Kasoor‘ on Youtube. How did he make the song. Watch the video below.

On 1st July 2020, Prateek Kuhad released his new music video named ‘Kasoor.‘ The music video features some popular personalities including, Jim Sarbh, Mallika Dua, singer Jonita Gandhi, and YouTuber Beer Biceps. Now he shared 2:55 minute video on Youtube, where he is sharing ‘Kasoor‘ experience.

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Prateek said, “Yeah, I mean we just wanted to record a new song and I have been playing it live for a while, and we have been wanting to record it for a while. [While Playing The Music At The Background]Usually, like a lot of people like to kind of wing in the studios which is also like it is a process like you just wing the whole production in the studios,

“I usually like to know exactly like I want to come to the studios with the exact plan.” He added, “[Playing The Music] Down to like BPM like no exactly this is the tempo we are playing at there are the parts these are like you know the bare minimum like this is the stuff like, which I do if I do that the song is coming and then if anything extra gets added which it does sometimes [Playing The Music At The Background]”

Then, the studio’s directors said, “Prateek always being a complete song we make a bunch of demos and then based on how the demos work we come to the recording studios [Music Is Playing] I like Ruben’s work ethic and I think he kind of he infuses that in people who he works with even if you don’t know him it kind of you end up working music”

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Prateek continued, “Also we played we get a lot that is why you super tight of that song.” Know more about the track watch the full video here.

Watch How Prateek Kuhad Make His Latest Hit Song Kasoor

Stream & Download Kasoor by clicking here.