James Blake Drops New Album, “Friends That Break Your Heart”

Friends That Break Your Heart
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English singer & songwriter, James Blake has dropped his new album named “Friends That Break Your Heart.” Listen to the full album below.

“Fifth records are actually a lot of people’s best records,” James Blake tells Apple Music. “You’ve had all the practice of making albums, taken a few different directions and by then have usually reached your thirties where you’ve got a bunch of stuff out of your system. So you finally decide to just be yourself. And suddenly, everyone’s thrilled.”

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The album Friends That Break Your Heart features 12 tracks including:

  1. Famous Last Words
  2. Life Is Not The Same
  3. Coming Back [ft. SZA]
  4. Funeral
  5. Frozen [ft. J.I.D and SwaVay]
  6. I’m So Blessed You’re Mine
  7. Foot Forward
  8. Show Me [ft. Monica Martin]
  9. Say What You Will
  10. Lost Angel Nights
  11. Friends That Break Your Heart
  12. If I’m Insecure

The album marks the fifth album of his. While he’s too coy to personally anoint it his best work, the record does feel invigoratingly apart from the North London-born, Los Angeles-based artist’s first four.

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James Blake Drops New Album

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