Jasmine Sandlas Releases Third Album “What’s In A Name”

Jasmine Sandlas
Jasmine Sandlas Album What's In A Name Album Cover Art || Designed By Diksha

Indian-American singer Jasmine Sandlas finally released her highly anticipated album “What’s In A Name”. The amazing music is produced by Intense & Hark. The album “What’s In A Name” contains 8 songs and every song have their story and emotions behind. Its been 2 to 3 years while Jasmine Sandlas working on this album and finally now her album is released.

There is a big fanbase of Jasmine Sandlas because we all love her voice and the way she sings. In this album, all the songs are soo soothing and when it comes to Punjabi music then Jasmine Sandlas is the singer who can give you the heartbreaking vibe and you feel emotions. There is a story in the album it starts with the first track ‘Hanera’ which gives you the feel of love, then we feel heartbreak on the third track which is ‘Shadaiya’ and with the help of the last track ‘Zikar’, we moved on.

jasmine sandlas album

In her Instagram Story, Jasmine Sandlas stated,“This is the moment I am waiting for 2 to 3 years and today my album is released. I feel like there is a lot of emotional stories inside my heart and I expressed in this album which gives me peace now. I face lot of problems in my life and I always take graceful path”.

Jasmine Sandlas perfectly planned this album her fans already knew about the album through his Instagram profile she created the Instagram theme with the Art and Animation. There is a lot of hard work done by his team also. The illustration was designed by Diksha and animation is done by Vfxkalakaar.

Music is produced is by Intense and Hark. Intense already worked with Jasmine Sandlas in a big number of projects like ‘Badal’ which is a hit song. The album is a refreshing take on Punjabi music, with the emotional beat – it will be interesting to see how Jasmine Sandlas’s fans react to this album. We feel nostalgic Jasmine’s voice from ‘badal’.

We pick our 2 favorite tracks from this album the first one is ‘Shadaiya’ and the second one is ‘Zikar’. Have you picked yours yet? If not then listen the album now all the tracks are amazing and tell Jasmine Sandlas which one you like by tagging her in Instagram Story or any other social media.

Available on iTunes: https://shorturl.at/jDQ03
Spotify: https://shorturl.at/duWX5
Amazon Music: https://shorturl.at/QSV78
Youtube Music: https://shorturl.at/cgC47