Jennifer Lopez Drops Video for New Single “Can’t Get Enough”

This Is Me… Now Jennifer Lopez
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American singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez has dropped the video for a new single titled “Can’t Get Enough.” Watch the full music video below.

The track marks the first single from her upcoming album, This Is Me…Now, which will be released on Feb. 16, 2024, via Nuyorican/BMG. The “Can’t Get Enough” visual was directed by Lopez with Dave Meyers (director of videos by Drake, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and more).  

She sings, “I feel like startin’ something / You got my engine runnin’ / You got the keys to turn me on and on / You got me acceleratin’ I want to celebrate it / Can’t nothing take me out my zone / It’s on”

Meanwhile, also “Can’t Get Enough” is a collaboration between Lopez and Rogét Chahayed, HitBoy, and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman.

This Is Me…Now:

  • 01 This Is Me…Now
  • 02 To Be Yours
  • 03 Mad in Love
  • 04 Can’t Get Enough
  • 05 Not.Going.Anywhere.
  • 06 Rebound
  • 07 Dear Ben, Pt. II
  • 08 Hummingbird
  • 09 Hearts and Flowers
  • 10 Broken Like Me
  • 11 This Time Around
  • 12 Midnight Trip to Vegas
  • 13 Greatest Love Story Never Told

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Jennifer Lopez Drops Video for New Single “Can’t Get Enough”

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