A&M Records co-founder, Jerry Moss Died at Age 88

Jerry Moss Died
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American recording executive and A&M Records co-founder, Jerry Moss died at the age of 88. His family confirmed.

His family confirmed the news via Associated Press. “They truly don’t make them like him anymore and we will miss conversations with him about everything under the sun,” the statement read, “the twinkle in his eyes as he approached every moment ready for the next adventure”.

He died at his home in Bel Air, California from natural causes, his widow Tina told AP.

Moss started his music profession by promoting “16 Candles”, a 1958 hit for the Crests on Coed Records. In 1960, he moved to California, where he teamed up with Alpert, forming Carnival Records in 1962 and running the company from an office in Alpert’s garage. Discovering that the name was already taken, they dubbed their newly-founded company A&M Records.

A&M Records co-founder, Jerry Moss Died at Age 88