KAROL G Returns With New Single, “S91”

Karol G Mañana Sera Bonito album
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Colombian singer, KAROL G has returned with her new emotional single titled “S91.” Watch the official music video below.

The music video, was directed by Pedro Artola and produced by WeOwnTheCity. In the dynamic and ultra-emotional out, the “S91” singer sings about overcoming adversity over an EDM-meets-trap fusion.

On the eve of the “S91” release, Karol posted a TikTok video of her mother reacting to the production in tears. “This video is special for many reasons,” she shared in the caption. 

“One, there is no more beautiful feeling for me than knowing that my family is proud of me and that my music can cause them reactions like that,” she continued. “Two, my mom took us to school and taught us to pray Psalm 91 after leaving home every day in the morning because she said they were sacred words of protection, and three, I am grateful to God and to life for giving me a family that supports me, that has believed in me from the very beginning and that is still with me today, celebrating together so many beautiful things that happen to us.”

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She Sings,

Un flow nuevo pa que analice,
Parto cada país que pise,
Desde que el avión aterrice,
Tengo los míos felices,
Eso es lo que siempre quise,
Ya no tengo gente que me envidian,
Yo lo que tengo es aprendices,
Quieren ser como yo, ya los vi,
Pero el flow no está a la venta,
Yo lo siento pero el flow no está a la venta,”

KAROL G Returns With New Single, “S91”

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