Listen To Neil Young’s New Album ‘Homegrown’ Here

Neil Young Early Daze
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Canadian Singer, Neil Young has released his long-lost brand new album called ‘Homegrown‘ on June 17, 2020. Homegrown is now available on Young’s website.

Young shared his album news on his social media, and wrote the caption, “Hi, Hoping you’re all holding up & still showing up music is medicine for the soul Look after it 🎶 HOMEGROWN will be available on The Archives tonight at 9 pm PST Thanks for listening.”

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Young previously released his two new singles “Try” and “Vacancy,” from the seven unreleased tracks on the album. The album features an impressive studio band including Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson, Tim Drummond, Karl T. Himmel, Ben Keith, Stan Szlelest, and a special appearance by Emmylou Harris.

Neil Young’s New Album ‘Homegrown’

Along with the album stream, Archives author Bill Bentley wrote an essay titled “Homegrown Comes Home,” in which he describes the record as “an extremely personal letter sent from Neil Young back in 1975 that somehow got lost and sat behind a filing cabinet in some dusty Post Office back room all these years. Until now, when it’s finally being delivered.”

Bentley additionally reflects on Young’s initial choice to release Tonight’s the Night instead of Homegrown all these years in the past. Over the history of rock & roll there have been albums that were avidly discussed, but for whatever reason never got released,” he wrote. “Sometimes vast conspiracy theories sprang up around those mysteries, and sometimes the album just disappeared without a trace before anyone knew about it.”

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“But in the mid-Seventies, Neil Young was on a massive roll and when it became known his 1975 scheduled release Homegrown had vaporized, his loyalists were on the hunt,” he continued. “Nobody knew exactly what happened, but soon enough Tonight’s the Night was released, and the world rolled on in the explosive fashion that we’d come to expect from rock & roll.”

Homegrown, like all timeless music, is a puzzle full of promises, one that blends memories with visions, and is a trusted sound to turn to in the time each of us still has to share this life with others,” he concluded. “It is an album to look at on the floor leaning against the wall while its songs play at night in the dark, knowing that it — and hopefully we — will be there in the morning. It is, like Neil Young, a friend for life.”