Lost Stories And Carryminati Collaboration Confirmed ‘NA HAI PARWAH’ Live Performance On Vh1 Supersonic

lost stories and carryminati live performance on vh1 supersonic
lost stories and carryminati live performance on vh1 supersonic

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  1. Lost Stories and Carryminati confirmed their collaboration on new song.
  2. The name of the track is not revealed yet but the guessing goes to ‘Nah Hai Parwah’.
  3. Lost Stories and Carryminati performed their new unreleased track live on the Vh1 Supersonic main stage.
  4. Carryminati is a Indian youtuber and Lost stories is a dj duo from India.
  5. In this collaboration of Carryminati and Lost Stories, Wily Frenzy is also a part of this new track.

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After the Surprising and craziest performance of Lost stories and Caarryminati on Vh1 supersonic 2020, social media and their fans talking about their new collaboration. People are guessing the name of the track which is taken from the hook of the song “Nah hai parwah”.

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In this new track Carryminati, Lost stories and Wily Frenzy does an tremendous job the rap of carryminati is amazing when he live rap on vh1 supersonic people the crowd goes insane. The music producer Wily Frenzy and lost stories does a best job on the music the drop is like a trap music, but the drop is dope when we watching live we feel the energy of this song.

We are waiting for the official release of this song, we post a review of the song as soon as the track released.

Carryminati is a Indian youtuber who is also a gamer. Lost Stories is an Indian DJ/producer duo composed of Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi.  

Lost stories shares the live performance video on his youtube channel watch now !