Melanie Martinez Releases New ‘After School’ EP – Stream Here

Melanie Martinez
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American singer & actress, Melanie Martinez has released her long-awaited new EP called ‘After School.’ Listen to the full EP below.

The ‘After School‘ EP features 7 new tracks, including, Notebook, Test Me, Brain & Heart, Numbers, Glued, Field Trip, & The Bakery. These songs are more specific and personal to the singer. Especially the song “The Bakery,” was inspired by the visual artist being fired from a bakery whereas in highschool. If the lyrics are any indication, she might need to be loved the produce a bit of too much.

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Melanie Martinez said about the EP, “I’ve been working on the After School EP since 2017. Over the course of these 3 years, I’ve learned a lot and each of the songs act as a marker/screenshot for a certain emotion/lesson I was dealing with. 💗The notebook is a very emotionally raw breakup song from 2017 about setting boundaries after being taken for granted. (Queen of swords energy)

“💗Test me is a song about accepting the challenges of life as tests from the universe that build strength and wisdom. It is also about understanding that your experiences in life/school teach you more than the actual classes themself. (Strength Energy)” She added. “💗Brain & Heart is about the importance of being balanced in your decision making. Using an equal amount of logic & emotion. (Temperance Energy)

She continuously added, “💗Numbers are about feeling underpaid and overworked In a system that treats you like you’re disposable. (10 of wands Energy), 💗Glued is about attachment/detachment. When you’re completely attached you have the potential to get hurt but you are able to feel the depth of love. When you’re detached you save yourself from potential hurt but never get to feel that level of love. (Devil/Lovers Energy)”

Melanie Martinez New ‘After School’ EP

Melanie Martinez ‘After School’ EP Out Now! Like This EP? Stream & Download The Full EP By Clicking Here.

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After School EP marks her successful K-12 album and movie which entered the SoundScan/Billboard 200 at No. three upon its September 2019 release, the pop singer phenomenon’s highest chart placement to this point.